Confidence built in outdoor challenges

Posted by Gavin Box

By Ben Daniels
Primary Health and Physical Education Teacher

The Year 8 trimester 1 group recently set out on the Outdoor Education camp, arriving at Coronation Beach and tasked with the first challenge – set-up camp.

Students managed to successfully assemble their tents and swags, assisting and establishing the campsite.

They were then split into two groups to complete a team-building scenario.

This scenario involved a beach rescue. They were given a stretcher and tasked to transport their selected “injured” student to a given location down the beach.

This challenge put communication and teamwork skills to the test.

The following day, student rose to a beautiful sunrise, ate bacon and egg wraps and headed to Kalbarri for abseiling.

During abseiling some wonderful acts of resilience were shown, especially with some students who conquered their fear of the rock wall.

One of these students almost decided at the top of the cliff edge to stop – and then a few minutes later to give it a go.

Overall, this was an important and enjoyable experience for the class.

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