Indonesian fried rice on the menu

Posted by Gavin Box

Year 7 students prepared and cooked delicious fried rice as part of their Indonesian course recently. 

Indonesian Teacher Mrs Khatarina Rahayu said the culinary experience helped students learn about culture – the food and social etiquette – in the fourth biggest nation on earth.  

For the immersive activity, Mrs Rahuyu said she chose ingredients that are easy to find in Geraldton supermarkets.

Students were introduced to traditional Indonesian foods such as lemon grass, kafir lime and kecap manis, even reading the label of this sweet soy sauce in Indonesian.  

The recipe and instructions were all in Indonesian but the meal was a big hit with students and even some families who enjoyed leftovers at home.  

Mrs Rahayu teaches Year 1 to Year 6 for one lesson a week.

Year 7 and Year 8 students can choose Indonesian as a 13-week elective subject, during which they also learn about the history and geography, in addition to language.   

“I challenge students to find out more about Asia and to give them exposure to other counties. The only thing students seems to know is Bali and they are surprised when they find out that this is in Indonesia. They seem to enjoy learning about the world and things they have never heard before.” 

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