ADF offers opportunity

Posted by Gavin Box

Representatives from the army, navy and air force visited the College with their hi tech Australian Defence Force (ADF) Careers Bus.  

The defence force hit town recently to introduce Year 9 and 10 students to the big range of careers offered by the military.

Senior Secondary Pathway Coordinator Mrs Annette Kulhmann said the visit helped introduce students to the opportunities and benefits of joining the ADF. 

“Students were surprised to learn that the ADF offers many careers beyond trades, combat and security, engineering, aviation and logistics. For example, there is hospitality, nursing  or IT. 

“ADF qualifications are well respected by Australian employers, so there is an excellent pathway in the civilian world for people once they complete military service,” she said.  

Several of the students are considering the ADF after school. Some of the boys even passed the fitness test during a push-up competition during the presentation.    

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