Identity question settled at foot of the cross

Posted by Gavin Box

By Annalise Edwards
Visual Arts and Biblical Life & Worldview Teacher

Year 11 General Visual Art students have written their artist statements and put the finishing touches on their final artworks for Semester One. 

Students began the year exploring the proportions of the face, expressions, scale and shape of all their unique and individual faces.

They created sketches and drawings, and other media experiments to explore the theme “Identity” and ask the big questions such as what is within and outside of our control when it comes to who we are.

They also explored who God says we are – and the way the Biblical view on Identity is “received” and not “achieved” as we are all called into God’s family through Christ and his work on the cross. 

Here are some photos of just some of the works.  

We spent time reflecting on what we enjoyed about creating the sculptural clay heads and what we might do differently next time (or with more time!). But now we are on to our next artistic adventure – landscapes.

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