Students shine at sport

Posted by Gavin Box

Our talented students are excelling at the State level in a range of individual sporting endeavours outside of school.  

Year 9 student Archie R races a Mitsubishi Mirage at the Speedway and recently competed in his first state title in Newman. He finished eighth out of 48 riders aged 10 to 16 years of age. 

Archie is recognised for his maturity on track and his cool, calm and collected manner which enables him to succeed. He will compete in the National Title in Queensland in January 2025.  

Year 7 student Abbie P has been selected to represent WA in the U12 polocrosse National Championships in Queensland this month.

She is one of seven members of the team and will ride her beloved horse Chloe. 

Year 10 student Sahba Horstman has been chosen for the U16 Country Women’s basketball team to play in the Footlocker National Championship in Bendigo, Victoria in July.   

We know she’ll be a great team member and sportswoman and can’t wait to hear about her experiences after she returns.   

We congratulate our students and acknowledge the dedication and hard work that enables them to achieve at the highest level. 

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