If you are looking for our Child Safety Statement of Commitment, you may find it here.

Students have the right to feel safe and respected at all times. At Geraldton Christian College we aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for all of our students and staff.

Child safety is at the forefront of all planning, decision making and activities. Every person involved at the College has a responsibility to understand the important role he or she plays in ensuring the wellbeing and safety of young people.

If you feel unsafe or at risk and need help urgently, call the Police on 000 or Crisis Care on 1800 199 008.

If there are things going on in our College or at College activities that are making you feel unsafe or uneasy then you have the right to bring those things to our attention.

For example:

  • If you are unhappy about the way you have been treated
  • Someone made a mistake and won’t fix it
  • You may be feeling unsafe and people won’t listen
  • You might have had a disagreement and this is causing you stress

You have the right to be heard about all of these things, and anything else that is making you feel unsafe or not respected.

Adults have the responsibility to:

  • Listen and be respectful when you are telling us about your concerns
  • Be understanding and encourage you to explain your situation in your own time
  • Believe what they are being told, take it seriously and take action
  • Be helpful and offer advice and information about what they will do with the concerns that you are telling us about
  • Keep you informed about what they’ve done to help fix your concerns
  • Keep in mind at all times that it can be difficult and emotional for you to tell us about these things.

If you feel we are not doing all of this when dealing with your concerns then you have the right to tell us, politely, that you don’t think we are doing a good job. We will do our best to do it better.
There is a feedback form below that you can use to raise concerns, or to tell us something positive you’ve experienced at the College.

If you would like us to contact you about the feedback, please include your name and contact email. You don’t have to give your details though, and feedback will still get through to the people who need to know about it.

All information received in this form will be dealt with confidentially by the Student Support Team, unless we think that you or another child or young person is unsafe – we will tell you when we need to share information with other organisations that can help protect you.