Kietzmann family claim another VETDSS Award

Posted by Gavin Box
Acting Principal Sophia de Lange, Braydon Kietzmann, Zadian Janse Van Rensburg, Liam Stubbs and Acting Deputy Principal Martlie Fourie at the 2022 Central Regional TAFE VETDSS Awards.

The Kietzmann family have continued their strong showing in the Central Regional TAFE’s annual awards for Vocational Education and Training Delivered to Secondary Students (VETDSS).

Year 11 student Braydon Kietzmann was named Trade-Based Training Student of the Year winner at the 2022 awards ceremony at TAFE on Wednesday night.

Last year, Braydon’s older sister Chloe, who holds a Certificate IV in Preparation for Health and Nursing Studies, took out the 2021 VETDSS Student of the Year Award.

Chloe was guest speaker at Wednesday’s awards ceremony.

Braydon and fellow College students Liam Stubbs and Zadian Janse Van Rensburg were among eight nominees from Geraldton secondary schools for this year’s Trade-Based Student of the Year award.

Braydon has completed a Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Tech (Light Vehicle) and has been offered an apprenticeship in heavy duty mechanics next year.

Braydon with his award

Lecturer Dave Golding said Braydon completed all work to required standards or better, behaved courteously and offered help to others when appropriate, followed instructions well, and questioned and pursued further knowledge.

Liam, who completed a Certificate II in Plumbing, has been offered an apprenticeship with a local plumbing contractor next year.

Lecturer Ben Walsh described Liam as a “selfless learner” who was always willing to help others and to develop new skills.

“Liam would make a great plumber one day,” he said.

Zadian has completed a Certificate II in Electrotechnology and hopes to become an electrician.

Lecturer Mark McAuliffe said Zadian stood out from his classmates with the standard of his work – and his ability and willingness to complete tasks to an excellent standard.

Mrs Martlie Fourie, Acting Deputy Principal Curriculum, congratulated the students on their nomination and Braydon on his award.

“The College is pleased to offer vocational, ATAR and general pathways for our students,” she said.

“We recognise every student is unique, so by offering a broad range of pathways we create an environment to develop their God-given talents for His glory and service.”

Among Year 11 students enrolled for 2023, 14 are pursuing a vocational pathway (VETDSS) and 13 ATAR.

Families who would like to know more about study and career pathways can email Mrs Fourie at

2021 VETDSS Student of the Year, College graduate Chloe Kietzmann, was guest speaker at the 2022 awards.

Geraldton Christian College
Jacob and Louise Buma, with a piece of artwork Louise produced whilst a student at the College.

Bumas enjoy opportunity to give back

Jacob and Louise Buma have fond memories of their time at Geraldton Christian College (then Strathalbyn Christian College).

They were part of the College’s first Year 12 graduating class in 2002.

They shared the Dux award that year – Jacob for Maths and Science; Louise for Arts.

And, as circumstances would have it, Jacob jumped a year in primary school to join Louise’s class.

They started dating in Upper Secondary and are now married with four children.

Currently living in Perth, they return to Geraldton periodically to catch up with family.

While here, they grab the chance to sneak past the College “just to see how it’s changed”.

For the past decade, they have generously supported the College, sponsoring two Year 12 Academic Excellence Awards – one for English, Humanities and the Arts; the other for Maths, Science and Technology.

“We just wanted to give back to a school that has given us so much,” Louise said.

We just wanted to give back to a school that has given us so much


“We wanted to reward both sides of academia, recognising that success in both takes effort and dedication.”

Effort and dedication were embraced by both Jake and Louise in their chosen careers.

After taking a gap year in 2003, Jacob completed a six-year double degree in chemical engineering and commerce and is now a process and engineering team leader with a gas company.

Louise completed a degree in education and is currently teaching at a Baptist school, while pursuing interests in painting and photography.

“We loved our experience here (at the College) so much that when it came to looking for a school for our kids we thought this is the kind of school that we want for them,” Louise said.

“We still feel very connected here, with my sister (Education Assistant Sonya Bandy), nieces and nephew (students) and mum (Association member Elke Graham) here.”

Louise said the College offered a safe place to ask questions about faith and to learn more about God.

“Staff were always very invested in us as people and we had so many meaningful conversations,” she said.

Jacob remembers the tight bonds forged in the classroom and the support given by staff.

“We had so many great experiences but the Year 10 mission trip to Tom Price was probably the turning point in being able to express our faith,” he said.

“In Years 10, 11 and 12, the school also linked with Youth With A Mission and held Summers of Service, which was another chance to explore and express faith, taking those steps from schoolyard to adulthood.

“They were very important years.”

The Year 12 class of 2002. Jacob is in the back row, circled, and Louise in the front row, circled.

Jacob and Louise believe it’s important Christian schools have the legal right to employ all Christian staff, to ensure schools operate with a genuine Christian ethos.

Proposed changes to the WA Equal Opportunity Act, expected to come before Parliament next year, would strip away that right.

“As Christians, we’ve loved the opportunity to send our kids to a Christian school because we want to encourage them to follow Jesus,” Jake said.

“I think people wear their hearts on their sleeve, so I think it would be obvious to students if their teachers were not Christians.”

Louise adds: “It would not feel as genuine if a Christian school is Christian in name only and teachers are not Christians.”

Jacob agrees. “It shouldn’t be a shock to parents to expect that at a Christian school that teachers would share that faith,” he said.

It shouldn’t be a shock to parents to expect that at a Christian school teachers would share that faith


Louise said equal opportunity, in this case, should be viewed from the perspective of providing equal opportunity for families to access genuine faith-based education.

“‘Equal opportunity’ sounds like the right thing, but you’re not giving equal opportunity if you are not allowing genuine Christian education,” she said.

“We should be giving families the opportunity to decide what education they want for their children.”

  • Shadow Attorney General Nick Goiran has opened an ePetition calling on the WA Government to protect the rights of parents and the role of faith-based schools. View or sign the petition.

Carina, left, and Loren, right, receive their awards from Acting Deputy Principal Martlie Fourie at the Year 12 Graduation. Picture: Fallows Photography

Carina Dieterich and Loren Edwards share 2022 Dux awards

Carina Dieterich and Loren Edwards have shared the Dux awards for 2022.

Carina was presented with the Academic Excellence Dux (ATAR), while Loren was named Excellence in Education Dux (General).

The awards were presented at the Year 12 Graduation on Saturday 22 October.

Carina took out five awards, including Academic Excellence in Maths, Science and Technology; Biology ATAR; Maths Methods ATAR and Psychology ATAR.

Loren also took out the Edith Cowan Award and the English General Award.

2022 Head Boy Dylan Mbano was named winner of the Academic Excellence Award for English, Humanities and the Arts, Politics and Law ATAR Award, Modern History ATAR Award, Student Leadership Award and Male Sports Star of the Year Award.

Christ-like Character Award winners were Isaac Harrington and 2022 Head Girl Maddi Bunter.

The Principal’s Award went to Clare Wheatley.

Full winners’ list

Geraldton Christian College
Nathan A and Dean S

Quick-thinking Nathan praised for crisis response

A Year 5 student has been recognised for his actions when another student was injured in a cycling accident in Geraldton.

Nathan A and Leon S were riding to school along a Chapman River trail last week when the pair came to a rocky section and Leon fell, losing consciousness when his head hit a rock.

Nathan contacted his father by mobile phone, sending a screenshot of his GPS location.

When help arrived, Leon was taken to hospital were he was diagnosed with concussion.

He has since fully recovered.

A few days later, Nathan called Leon’s family to enquire about his welfare.

Leon’s father Dean commended Nathan for his calmness, courage and maturity in what would have been a frightening situation – and his kindness on following up on Leon.

“The Bible says a friend stays closer than a brother, and that is what Nathan showed,” he said.

“It’s absolutely awesome.”

At the Primary Assembly this week, Acting Principal Sophia de Lange presented Nathan with a Good Samaritan Award, for “taking the initiative to care for someone in need and to ensure their safety”.

Geraldton Christian College
Head Boy Luke Harris, Head Girl Chanelle Wennekes, Acting Principal Sophia de Lange and Dean of Geraldton Lachlan Edwards at the tree-planting ceremony.

Student leaders join tree-planting ceremony to help honour Queen

Our College played a leading role this week in a community tree planting ceremony to honour the 70-year reign of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The College was one of a handful of youth organisations invited to take part with Geraldton MLA Lara Dalton at Geraldton Anglican Cathedral on Sunday.

Head girl Chanelle Wennekes and Head Boy Luke Harris, in their first public role, were great College representatives as they joined civic dignitaries at the Platinum Jubilee ceremony sponsored by the Federal Government.

Dean of Geraldton Lachlan Edwards said Queen Elizabeth II was monarch of 2.5 billion people in the Commonwealth, patron of more than 500 charities and a wonderful example of a servant Queen.

“None of us can be good enough for God. It is only by the grace of God, through the death of Jesus – if we accept Jesus’ death on our behalf – that we can receive the gift of eternal life,” he said.

“Our late Queen knew this, put her trust in Jesus, and in response, lived a life of service for her people.”

Teamwork + Partnership = Unity

Andre Steenekamp
Director of Sport and Outdoor Education

This year we have been excited by the teamwork displayed through various cross-curricular contributions to enrich the students and the community’s collegial experience.

The introduction of the new House system (Alpha and Omega) created many opportunities for the different leaning areas to contribute to running various successful interhouse competitions which have enriched the learning experiences of all students.

The HASS and English Departments took care of a successful debating competition that is going from strength to strength. Maths and Science made sure the chess competition and existing club was a hit. And this term we are looking forward to finish the year’s program with an interhouse Trivia, which will test students’ general knowledge.

Next year we are looking forward to the addition of performing arts and academic (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, or STEM) competitions which will bring many more talents and gifts to the forefront under the guidance of our gifted and committed staff.

Contributions don’t stop at House activities. Departments and students are collaborating and working together on many exciting projects. Recently Design and Technology Teacher Sean Richards and his Year 9 class constructed 10 outdoor benches, to be used at the College’s new outdoor education base at Coronation Beach, providing students with the opportunity to take ownership in this ongoing and exciting new venture.

Geraldton Christian College

College partnerships outside of the College are also going from strength to strength, with the FootballWest talent support program running on Wednesdays at the College.

Congratulations to Mathew Adams (College Soccer Coordinator) who has been selected as part of the FootballWest indigenous women’s team coaching staff, currently representing WA in Queensland.

Geraldton Christian College

The College have also partnered with WestCycle (the peak body for cycling in Western Australia) and the Geraldton Cycling Academy, who recently hosted a very successful mountain bike skills clinic at the College mountain bike track, involving more than a hundred participants from outside the college community.

Geraldton Christian College

A big thank you to all our parent volunteers who have partnered with the College this year to get the job done. There is incredible strength and joy in unity. It would be impossible to provide most of the opportunities for the students without your partnership. We look forward to 2023. God bless.

Psalm 133:1 How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

Geraldton Christian College

Students tour Kojarena defence facility

Keith Roffman
Secondary Teacher Science

Year 7 and 9 students recently toured the Australian Defence Satellite Communications Station (ADSCS) at Kojarena 30km east of Geraldton.

It was awesome to see former student Mathew Gill discussing the 2022 Science Week theme of Optic Fibre, which helps to transmit the equivalent of 500 Netflix videos a second through the facility’s server.

Students learned about many of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic (STEM) jobs that are required to keep the site running.

Due to the top secret nature of the site, we were unable to get photos of our students inside the “giant golf balls,” so here is one that was taken on the bus ride home.

College gets behind Salvation Army Christmas appeal

The College is participating in the Salvation Army Christmas appeal this year.

Families are encouraged to support the appeal by donating non-perishable food items and groceries (please see graphic attached for more information).

Primary students should bring donations to their class, while Secondary students should bring donations to their Biblical Life & Worldview class.

Donations will be used to prepare hampers for those in need in Geraldton.

For further information, please email Kate Gibson, Chaplain, at

Employment opportunities

Would you like to be part of our vibrant, gospel community?

The College currently has a number of employment opportunities for positions including School Chaplain, Relief Teachers, Relief Administration, Relief Education Assistants and Relief Cleaners.

For more information visit the employment page of our website, call 9938 9100 or email

College Calendar

Nov 7

WACE Exams

Year 10 to 11 Exams

1:30pm – 2:35pm. Pre-Primary in-term swimming at Aquarena

Nov 8

WACE Exams

Year 10 to 11 Exams

1:30pm – 2:35pm. Pre-Primary in-term swimming at Aquarena

3:30pm – 5pm. Homework Club in College Library (in-Term and Yrs 3 to 12 only*)

Nov 9

WACE Exams

Year 10 to 11 Exams

09am – 11am. Kindy celebration (100 days of school)

1:30pm – 2:35pm. Pre-Primary in-term swimming at Aquarena

6:30pm – 8:30pm. Year 6 End of Primary Celebration

Nov 10

WACE Exams

Year 10 to 11 Exams

1:30pm – 2:35pm. Pre-Primary in-term swimming at Aquarena

3pm – 4pm. Maths Support in College Library (in-Term and Years 7 to 12 only*)

3:30pm – 5pm. Homework Club in Library (in-Term and Years 3 to 12 only*)

Nov 11

WACE Exams

Year 10 to 11 Exams

1:30pm – 2:35pm. Pre-Primary in-term swimming at Aquarena

Nov 14

WACE Exams

Yr 10 Sport & Rec Camp

1:30pm – 2:35pm. Pre-Primary in-term swimming at Aquarena

Nov 15

WACE Exams

Yr 10 Sport & Rec Camp

1:30pm – 2:35pm. Pre-Primary in-term swimming at Aquarena

3:30pm – 5pm. Homework Club in College Library (in-Term and Yrs 3 to 12 only*)

Nov 16

WACE Exams

Yr 10 Sport & Rec Camp

Last day of Term 4 for Year 11

09:35am – 10:27am. Secondary Assembly in Hall

1:30pm – 2:35pm. Pre-Primary in-term swimming at Aquarena

7pm – 8pm. Kindy Twilight Taster

Nov 17

WACE Exams

1:30pm – 2:35pm. Pre-Primary in-term swimming at Aquarena

3pm – 4pm. Maths Support in College Library (in-Term and Years 7 to 12 only*)

3:30pm – 5pm. Homework Club in Library (in-Term and Years 3 to 12 only*)

Nov 18

WACE Exams

1:30pm – 2:35pm. Pre-Primary in-term swimming at Aquarena

Nov 19

7pm – 11pm. Year 12 Ball in College Hall TICKETED EVENT

Parents/guardians must complete an Operoo eForm giving permission for their child to attend Homework Club or Maths Support. Please email



Street Chaplains WA is seeking volunteers for its Geraldton outreach. The vision of Street Chaplains WA is to provide a safe environment for people, whether they be patrons enjoying a night out, or rough sleepers seeking help on the streets. The aim is to be ‘Good Samaritans’ to those in need, not preaching at people, but to care, protect and ensure people get the assistance they need. The simple agenda is to love and care. Street Chaplains respect the range of cultural traditions, affiliations and religious views in the community and are approachable by people of all beliefs.

Street Chaplains are Christians who are actively involved in a Christian church. When a person applies to do the training to become a Street Chaplain, references are required from their church leaders. Currently more than 20 denominations are represented in the Street Chaplain community.

For further information on becoming a Geraldton Street Chaplain email or visit

It is fast approaching that time of the year where our thoughts turn to those in our community facing hardships or challenges. As part of its annual Christmas appeal, Centacare Geraldton seeks donations of non-perishable food, treats and new (for COVID reasons) toys for families in need.

Donations will be used for programs and special projects including:
• Community Christmas Day Lunch, which relies on the generosity of sponsors and volunteers who give of their time on Christmas Day to celebrate with people in need of some hope and good cheer. A willing band of volunteers, many of whom have been volunteering for numerous years, serve a traditional Christmas meal with all the trimmings, spreading the Christmas spirit and fellowship.
• Christmas Food Hampers and Gifts, provided for families experiencing hardship due to changes of circumstances and the increased cost of living. This is especially appreciated by families with small children who may not otherwise enjoy the excitement of a gift from Santa.
• Food Hampers for families and individuals who receive assistance through Centacare Emergency Relief Service
For more information, contact Chamari Liyanage on 9921 1433 or email


Geraldton Regional Library is a collection point for the Sketchbook Project run by Propel Youth Arts.

Online registrations for this project are now open for people aged 12 – 26 years. Registrations close on December 19 2022.

The Sketchbook Project is a collaborative and visual experience that provides opportunity for young people to share their own personal stories and passions with the wider community across Western Australia.

Tell your own story using a sketchbook provided free of charge by Propel Youth Arts WA.

Fill your sketchbook with drawings, paintings, sketchbooks, intricate math formulas, recipes, origamis, poetry or collages.

For more information visit