Geraldton Christian Community Schools Association

The Geraldton Christian Community Schools Association (GCCSA) is a  group of committed Christians who are passionate about education that is biblically grounded and transformational. The Christian school, as it pursues Christian education, seeks to teach all aspects of the curriculum from a Christian Worldview.

At Geraldton Christian College, there is a bigger picture than mere buildings or programs. The school was not built because of government mandate or community planning, rather it was a ‘God moment’ of one man. This inspired a group of Christian parents, who were willing to sacrifice everything, to give their children a Christ-centred education.

A school such as ours can only maintain the integrity of its foundations throughout the commitment of Christians who will stay true to this vision.

GCCSA Mission Statement

We are an association of people who are committed to exploring what it means to faithfully honour God in all pursuits of life through the establishment, promotion and future of education from a distinctly Christian perspective to meet the needs of all members of our association.

If you would like to know more information, please see the documents below;

GCCSA Prospectus

GCCSA Constitution

GCCSA Members Handbook

GCCSA Prayer Diary – member access only

If you would like to apply for membership of the association will be required to fill in the GCCSA Membership Application Form and the GCCSA Testimonial Form.