Christian Education National

Christian education is not just about a Christian way of understanding. It is also about a Christian way of living. When Jesus said “Follow me”, he was expecting people to dedicate their whole lives to serving God. Christian education informs, invites, and inspires young people to live this way. The Christian school offering Christian education seeks to teach this way of life every day through all that is done and taught. It does this in a setting of a unified community of love and learning between parents, children, and teachers.

Most Christian schools in Australia belong to a wider association of Christian schools. A community of school communities unified around the common goal of authentic, Bible-based, Christ-centred education. This is Christian Education National (CEN).Click here to view the CEN Schools Network Map.

A community of around 20,000 students and their parents doing together what they can’t, and maybe shouldn’t, do alone. A community committed to demonstrating a vibrant biblical faith which permeates every aspect of learning our english courses and classes, community life, policy, and practice in its associations and schools.

Christian Education National members include remote rural schools, large metropolitan schools, multicampus schools, trade training centres and incorporated school systems. CEN was established in 1966 and has constantly expanded and welcomed new members and now consists of schools and associations from every state and territory. This includes Geraldton Christian College.

Here is a message from parents about Why Christian Education?

Certificate in Christian Education

Do you have the answers to these questions;

  • Do Christian schools remove children from the real world?
  • Isn’t education about neutral things?
  • Why pay for education when there is a free alternative?

If you have ever been asked, or have thought about these questions and struggle to give an answer, then here is a solution for you!

Register today for the special short course for parents who care about their children’s education and their future.

An initiative of the College Board, the Certificate in Christian Education course has been a regular service to parents and staff at the College since 2011. Members of the wider community and prospective parents who have an interest in learning more about Christian education are welcome to participate.

For more about CEN visit their website: National Institute of Christian Education

Former Geraldton Christian College English teacher and National Institute for Christian Education lecturer, Dr. Lindsay Graieg, is the facilitator of the certificate course which has been adapted for parents from the course that is delivered to all new teachers at the College.

For more information, or to register your interest in participating in the course please contact the Community Relations, Enrolments and Marketing Manager on (08) 9938 9100, or send an email.