Food Technology upgrade delights the tastebuds

Posted by Gavin Box

Food and Technology students are learning in a state-of-the-art kitchen, thanks to a major facility upgrade in January.  

Teacher Mrs Sonja Lochner said students could not believe the extensive makeover when they returned from summer holidays. 

The original room was completely gutted. New benchtops, ovens, stovetops, fridges and cupboards were installed to create a modern kitchen environment.  

Mrs Lochner and Facilities Manager Mr Harri Harrington conducted extensive research and site visits of commercial kitchens to ensure the College adopted the latest ideas, optimising the space and installing cutting edge equipment. 

“Students are now able to develop the practical skills and knowledge that will enable them to  transition smoothly into working in a commercial kitchen should they wish to pursue a career in hospitality,” Mrs Lochner said.   

“We used to have a Chevvy but now we have a Ferrari, and the students love it!” 

Students are learning to plan, prepare and cook healthy meals for themselves and family.

However, they also get hands-on experience of catering when they prepare and serve nutritional and delicious food for school events and functions.  

Make sure you taste test the bowls of potato salad that they will prepare for the College Welcome Feast next month. 

See further down in this Blog to read more about how students have been making use of the new facilities.   

Eagles offer tips on nutrition and sports recovery

By Janelle Phillips
Secondary Health and Physical Education Teacher

On Monday 19 February, Year 7 PE and Year 9 Sports Specialist students had the pleasure of hosting the West Coast Eagles Community and Game Development team, to hear from past and current players about nutrition and recovery.

West Coast Eagles High Schools and Community Coordinator Janelle Marangon delivered an engaging presentation, accompanied by current Eagles AFLW players Krstel Petrevski and Alison Drennan, who were on hand to answer questions and give an insight into the rigorous demands of an elite footballer.

Former West Coast Eagle and Collingwood player Chad Morrison also offered experience and advice after 12 seasons in the AFL. Morrison is the current Eagles AFLW head recruiter.

Students spent time learning about what their plates should look like, appropriate quantities of food and how to recover well after sport.

The students asked and answered questions and scored plenty of Eagles merchandise, before practising some fun footy skills to get moving. 

The Year 9 Sports Specialist program is looking forward to further partnership with the West Coast Eagles next term when they take part in the Eagle insight program. 

Class of 2023: Kristian Steenekamp

Kristian has won a place at Edith Cowan University to study Secondary Education, majoring in Physical Education.  

He chose this because it offers a chance to live out his faith in Jesus and make a difference in people’s lives. 

Kristian was also attracted by the variety that each day brings in this profession and the chance to get outdoors, away from an office.  

Kristian lived and breathed sport at Geraldton Christian College and says he’ll miss the school.

“I loved that it was small and local so it’s easy to make friends. Teachers always had the best interests of students at heart and they gave of their personal time, even helping Year 12s during holidays,” he said.  

He encourages senior students to be disciplined to avoid disappointment.  

“If you can be focussed for Years 11 and 12 you will be in a better place, rather than having fun and maybe looking back with regrets when you don’t get the marks you want.” 

Drama and dance routines unmasked

By Shelley Cox  
Primary and Secondary Dance and Drama Teacher

Year 5 and 6 students have been learning how to participate in spontaneous improvisation this term.

This requires the ability to think quickly, work as a team, problem solve, participate, listen and follow instructions.

Students were given a name of a moving object, then in groups had 10 seconds to work together to make the object.

Year 7s students have also been learning spontaneous improvisation.

Students were given an object, costume, or theme and then had one minute to discuss character, storyline, problem, solution and ending, then perform for their peers.

Fun Fridays
Students have been seen dancing in the drama room lunch times on Fridays. It’s a great opportunity to have some fun and learn some new dance moves.

Food Tech students sharpen knife skills

By Sonja Lochner
Food Technology Teacher

Under the guidance of ICT Manager Andrew Beard, who has previously worked as a chef, students immersed themselves in a hands-on learning experience focused on mastering essential cutting skills in the kitchen.

Mr Beard’s expertise illuminated the art of precision, as students honed their techniques for chopping, dicing and julienning with finesse.

Creative cuisine makes for sizzling start to year

By Sonja Lochner
Food Technology Teacher

The new year kicked off with a sizzling start at our school’s new state-of-the-art food science facility.

Staff and students alike eagerly embraced the opportunity to explore the cutting-edge kitchen, equipped with the latest culinary technology.

The facility has quickly become a hub of culinary innovation, where students create mouthwatering masterpieces.

From savory to sweet, the school’s new food science facility is next level.

Agenda for school improvement

Students are receiving extra support in 2024 to boost learning and strengthen their engagement with school.  

Deputy Principal Curriculum Mrs Sophia De Lange explains: “The College is implementing a comprehensive improvement plan which is designed to create an environment that facilitates student success and fosters a strong learning culture.”  

The priorities for 2024-25 are:  

  • An explicit improvement agenda  
  • A culture that promotes learning 
  • Effective pedagogical practices  
  • Differentiated teaching and learning, based on data analysis from twice yearly progress achievement tests.  

An explicit improvement agenda: 

Each student is created in God’s image and is predestined to make a difference in God’s world.  By identifying areas for improvement, setting clear goals and implementing targeted strategies, the College aims to produce significant improvements in student outcomes from within a Biblical Worldview. 

A culture that promotes learning: 

Creating a culture that encourages student engagement, motivation, and a love for learning is critical. The College places a strong emphasis on fostering an environment that supports and celebrates learning. Our aim is to energise both students and staff, resulting in increased academic achievement and personal growth. 

Differentiated teaching and learning and data analysis: 

The College uses differentiated teaching and learning methodologies to respond to the diverse strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles of our students. Data analysis drives improvement as we identify gaps in learning, measure progress and adapt teaching strategies accordingly.  

Effective pedagogical practices: 

At the heart of student success lies effective pedagogical practices. The College places great importance on equipping our teachers with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to facilitate meaningful and impactful learning experiences. We believe this delivers an enriching school environment that nurtures intellectual development. Deputy Principal Teaching Waneen Bennett’s main task is to support our teachers with professional development and classroom practices. 

Taskforce keeps students on task

College parents/guardians have partnered with teachers and school leaders to help extend and enrich education for a wide range of students with different abilities.  

They have formed the Academic Taskforce, which is committed to ensuring that every student has the opportunity to achieve their best.  

Deputy Principal Curriculum Sophie De Lange said the Taskforce collaboratively identifies areas for improvement, sets measurable goals and implements targeted strategies. 

“The group aims to create an atmosphere that inspires intellectual curiosity, collaboration and a lifelong passion for learning among students – no matter their intellectual capability – as well as staff and the College community.” 

If you’d like to know more or get involved, please contact Dr Khim Harris, Board Chair, at

The College has an immediate full-time vacancy for a Student Services Officer.

This role is customer service focused, administrative and clerical. The Student Support Services Officer is one of the first points of contact for students, parents and staff and is responsible for efficient and effective day-to-day coordination of administrative support.

We also have relief opportunities for teachers, education assistants, cleaners and administrative staff.

For more information, email, call 9938 9100 or visit the Employment page of our website.

Save the dates: Kapture Photos

Kapture Photos days (school photos for students) will be held on Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 March 2024 (Week 8, Term 1).  Personalised flyers for students were sent home with students this week, with further information about photo ordering.