New elective brings focus to elite sport

Posted by Gavin Box

Mr Santos and Mrs Phillips with students enrolled in the 2024 Sports Specialist program.

By Janelle Phillips
Sports Specialist Teacher

The College is pleased to announce details about its brand-new Sports Specialist program for Year 9 students, which starts this year.

This exciting new elective brings a focus to many aspects of elite sport including:

Training for elite performance

o Australian Institute of Sport: What it means to be an elite athlete

o SMART goals

o Training periods

o Components of fitness

o Fitness testing

o Preparing to play to reduce injury

o Recovery: sleep, active and passive recovery, nutrition and hydration

o Aquatic recovery therapy

o Injury prevention and rehabilitation

o Concussion awareness training

• Employment in the sporting industry

• Athlete wellbeing

o Support teams

o Australian Institute of Sport and Black Dog Mental Fitness

• Inclusion and leadership

o The Final Quarter Anti-Racism Pledge

o Sports leadership

• Fitness and skill development

o AFL skills development

o Strength and conditioning

The College is partnering with the local council and has been granted access to Towns Football Club oval, Brigades Football Club oval and Railways Football Club oval for the duration of the school year.

We are also fostering a relationship with both the West Coast Eagles Football Club and Fremantle Football Club to bring students relevant and high level education from elite athletes. This includes participation in an AFL Camp, with guided tours of the clubs’ facilities and attendance at an AFL game.

We also hope to utilise the facilities, equipment and expertise of the Mid West Academy of Sport.

Chanelle Wennekes achieved an ATAR of 93.5 and plans to study Occupational Therapy at university.

Chanelle shares secret to ATAR success

By Eugenie Harris

The College is super proud of last year’s Head Girl and Dux, Chanelle Wennekes, who was among the State’s top ATAR students for 2023.

Chanelle was awarded a Certificate of Distinction for her outstanding 93.5 ATAR.

She has accepted a scholarship from Curtin University to study Occupational Therapy.

Chanelle said the secret to her success was balance and she credited the important role of teachers in helping her achieve.

“I studied hard but I also made sure to do sport after school. That helped me manage the pressure,” she said.

“I really appreciated the teachers who helped all the Year 12 students. They didn’t just care about grades, but also cared about each of us and regularly checked up on how we were going.”

Her advice to students who want to succeed is: “Focus and pay attention in class. Teachers provide everything you need to excel. So, instead of mucking around a bit, you should apply yourself and listen.”

Deputy Principal Teaching Mrs Waneen Bennett

Empowering teachers to inspire students

Meet our new Deputy Principal Teaching MRS WANEEN BENNETT. Report and photo: Eugenie Harris

Mrs Bennett is a highly respected educator with 27 years’ experience in four countries, most recently as Associate Principal at Champion Bay Senior High School.

Her passion is to encourage and empower teachers because they are pillars of support for students to achieve.

“I believe teaching is a calling and a mission. Teachers are the guiding light for each student along their education journey. Their passion, hard work and dedication have a positive impact on the lives of students.

“My role is to support teachers to be even better at what they already do. As a result, our students will remain inspired on their learning pathway in an edifying and vibrant atmosphere. They will feel safe, cared for and fully engaged in their learning experiences.”

Mrs Bennett is a valued school leader. Although she loved teaching in a public school, she said the culture of Geraldton Christian College better aligns with her Christian values and beliefs.  

“I love God. I love life and I love people. It is an absolute privilege and a tremendous blessing to be at Geraldton Christian College and to serve our school community.”

“I look forward to meeting you all in 2024.”

Fun fact: Check out Mrs Bennett’s amazing funky collection of earrings!

Geraldton Christian College
Mr Santos, middle, with fellow PE staff members Mr Johan Boonzaier, left, and Mr Andre Steenekamp.

Sport as a training ground for life

Meet our new Physical Education Assistant & Strath Lions Football Co-ordinator BRUNNO SANTOS. Report and photo: Eugenie Harris 

Mr Santos is well-known in Geraldton for his former roles as a youth leader and school chaplain, and most recently, in the WA Police Force.

He grew up in Brazil playing street soccer as a kid and is a big believer in living an active lifestyle.

“It helps develop resilience and self-belief. Statistics show that kids involved in sport are more eager and able to make better choices,” he said.

By encouraging students in sport and outdoor activities, he believes that it will guide students to make positive healthy choices in the future.

However, Mr Santos says the biggest motivator in his life is faith in Jesus Christ, who has been his firm foundation.

Work-wise, he became a school chaplain, joined the Australian Army and embarked on a fulfilling career as a police officer.

“My decision to be a police officer was derived from my desire to serve my community, and that’s exactly what I did. There were many, many difficult days, but each day was worth it.”

Mr Santos is also a former student of the College and is delighted to be back serving the next generation.

“I love this College. This is where I came to know Christ in a deeper way, and this is where my life started.”

Students wearing their House shirts (Alpha or Omega) as part of an interhouse athletics carnival.

Parent question: When can House shirts be worn?

Secondary students may wear house shirts:

·    All day on Fridays.

·    All day for sport carnivals (swimming; athletics; cross country), and scheduled interhouse competitions. This will be communicated to parents and students prior to the event. 

·    During Physical Education or Outdoor Education lessons (double periods). Students should not be wearing a House shirt in any other lesson than Physical Education or Outdoor Education lessons. Students will receive a uniform infringement if they wear the incorrect shirt. 

·    Students who have Physical Education or Outdoor Education in Periods 1 & 2 may arrive to school in their House shirts and change into their white shirts after the lesson. Students who finish Period 6 with Physical Education or Outdoor Education may be dismissed in their house shirts. 

·    Parents will be asked to bring a white shirt to school for their child if the student has not prepared accordingly. 

Primary students may wear house shirts:

·    All day on Fridays.

·    All day for sport carnivals (swimming; athletics; cross country), and scheduled interhouse competitions. This will be communicated to parents and students prior to the event. 

·    Primary students do NOT wear house shirts for Physical Education lessons.

Save the dates: Kapture Photos

Kapture Photos days (school photos for students) will be held on Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 March 2024 (Week 8, Term 1).  Personalised flyers for students will be available in the next few weeks and sent home with further information about photo ordering.