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Posted by Gavin Box
Students visit the ABC offices in Geraldton as part of their studies on media and democracy.

By John Tilinger
Secondary Teacher Humanities and Social Sciences/Biblical Life and Worldview

In recent weeks, Year 10 students embarked on two excursions that offered a hands-on experience of various aspects of the Humanities and Social Sciences curriculum. These excursions enabled students to understand the way in which key concepts influence the real world.

Coastal erosion management in Geraldton

One of the excursions focused on the critical issue of coastal erosion management in Geraldton. During this trip, students had the opportunity to explore the Geraldton Port and engage in insightful discussions with experts from the Mid West Port Authority. The experts shed light on the causes of coastal erosion along Geraldton’s northern beaches and the strategies employed to mitigate its impact.

The fieldwork activities that followed at Beresford Foreshore and Sunset Beach were more than just another day at the beach, with students working hard to draw field sketches, recording observations and measure beach profiles.

Their data collection efforts were invaluable in assessing the effectiveness of coastal erosion management strategies. The excursion highlighted the delicate relationship between human activities and the environment, emphasising the importance of responsible and sustainable environmental stewardship.

Media and democracy at the ABC

Another excursion took students to the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) in Geraldton. This visit provided a unique opportunity for students to interact with journalists and radio presenters. They delved into thought-provoking discussions about the media’s role in a democratic society, gaining a deeper understanding of the media’s freedoms and responsibilities.

However, it wasn’t all serious business. Students also had the chance to share their thoughts on their favourite summer songs, with their interview sound bites finding their way into the ABC morning radio program the next day. This light-hearted segment added a touch of fun to the excursion, demonstrating the way in which effective journalism is underpinned by positive community relationships.

Both excursions reinforced the fact that Christians ought to be faithfully present in the world. God cares about the environment he made, and he certainly cares about people Christ died for. As a result, Christians need to get out there and show that they care too!

Boating and surf rescue qualification opportunities

By Andre Steenekamp
Director of Sport and Outdoor Education

We are pleased to announce that the Recreational Skippers Ticket (RST) and Community Surf Rescue Course will be introduced as SCSA endorsed programs to the Outdoor Education curriculum at the College.

Students who complete the programs successfully in Year 10 will attain an additional WACE C grade from SCSA and it will also provide the first step in progressing to a commercial Coxswain skippers ticket for those seeking a career in the boating industry.

The College is proud to announce the addition of our SIB military spec boat to conduct these programs, as well as several other outdoor education activities, camps and events. The vessel is an essential addition in mitigating risk to several newly-introduced activities like wind-winging; stand up paddle boarding; and snorkelling which can now be taught and learned more efficiently.

Our second year of 2024 at Coro Park, Coronation Beach, has got a lot to offer and the College calendar is already packed with many curriculum camps; excursions; and community events. We aim to keep momentum with this exciting initiative, where students and the community will have the opportunity to learn and contribute to sustainability on land and water, while enjoying healthy outdoor pursuits and fellowship.

The College community will receive updates on upcoming activities, camps and community events.

Cleaner, whiter College polos … here’s how!

The College’s white polos are a great cooling choice for Geraldton’s climate – and they look smart too.

But on the other hand, they can get grubby.

So is there a secret to cleaning them?

One of our College parents shares step by step how she wins the war on stains, keeping those polos in pristine condition – and not just the white ones, but the green ones too.

Step 1 – Draw up your battle plan

Take a look at the garment and identify any problem areas.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-29-1200x898.png

Step 2 Bring out the big guns

Use a spray bottle of stain remover to pull the trigger on problem areas. Pay particular attention to under arm and button areas. For green polos, target the white collar and the College lion emblem.

Step 3 Bomb with powdered product

Add your standard powder or liquid laundry detergent to the wash, along with half a cap of powdered stain remover.

Step 4. Hang them out to dry

You’ve done your bit, now let God’s sanitising sunshine do the rest. Those stains don’t stand a chance.

This helpful mum says the key to remember is to use all three weapons – spray-on stain remover, powdered stain remover and your standard laundry detergent.

“Use all three – it makes a HUGE difference,” said.

“It only adds an extra 10 minutes to your load, but the polos will last longer and they will stay in good condition so you can pass them on to the next child or sell them.”

She also offers one final tip – “If your child comes home with a VERY dirty shirt, take it straight off, spray it and then soak it overnight in half a bucket of warm water with half a cap of powdered stain remover. Then wash it according to the steps above. The longer you leave a stain the harder it is to remove.”

Donations sought for craft activities

By Louanne Hardy
Student Support Counsellor

Lunch Time Craft (Primary and Secondary)

The Student Wellbeing Team hold craft activities once or twice a week during lunch  to promote positive wellbeing  and foster fellowship among students and staff.

The theme for this month is Christmas cards and decorations.

If anyone has excess craft supplies they don’t use and would like to donate to  the student wellbeing team it would be much appreciated. This could include beads, stamps, wool, craft paper, scissors, cardboards, special pens, to name a few.

You can drop the items to the wellbeing office (we are located in the library) or at the front office and we can come and collect.

If you have any questions, please contact Louanne Hardy on 9938 9100.

Wholistic Land Management … a recipe for fun

Kelly Harrington snapped these photos of students engaging in our very popular Wholistic Land Management programs.

Year 3 students Addy and Emke (above) chop up food scraps for the worms, after “crunch and sip”. 

Brandon, Logan and Isaac (below) help assemble garden vegetable bags. 

Well done, girls and boys!


Interest sought for 2024 student exchange – Germany

Geraldton Christian College is partnering with a private Christian college in Hessen, Germany on a student exchange program for Years 10, 11 and 12 students.

The next exchange is set to run from late June to the end of July 2024.

Host families in Geraldton are needed during that time for a period of 6 to 10 weeks.

The program runs over the school holidays, allowing host students to better experience life in Australia.

Principal Gavin Hirschhausen said student exchanges can be challenging for the students, but they
are “an exceptional personal growth opportunity”.

To express interest please email

Uniform Shop stocktake and opening hours

By Jackie Graham
Uniform Shop Coordinator

The Uniform Shop will close for stocktake from Friday 1 December until Friday 8 December 2023.  Online ordering through QuickCliQ will be unavailable during stocktake, reopening from Monday 11 December 2023.  Orders placed online from 11 December will be filled by staff in the New Year.

The Uniform Shop will re-open on Tuesday 9 January 2024 with varying hours (which will be communicated early next year).  New families are the priority in the new year for uniform fitting/sales so limited shop hours will be available for existing families.  Online ordering is always preferred, but we understand you may need to come and size children.

The College has made a large uniform order with our supplier for polo shirts, which we hope will be here by the 15th of January.  We are very low in some sizes, so items may not be available for immediate collection in the New Year.  Families will be notified to collect items as soon as they are available.  We appreciate your understanding and patience with this.

If you have any uniform queries, please contact Jackie Graham in the Uniform Shop by phone 9938 9100 or email

Positions available:

Student Services Officer – full-time, immediate start

Executive Assistant to Deputy Principals – full-time, immediate start

Education Assistant (Secondary) – full-time, commencing in 2024

Primary / Secondary Classroom Teachers – full-time and part-time, commencing in 2024

For more information, please visit the website Employment page.

Kapture Photos – last chance to order 2023 images

Last opportunity to purchase purchase portraits, class and special group photos for 2023. Photos will be removed from the Kapture website at the end of this term. School code has been emailed to families.


Applications close 10pm Monday 20 November 2023.