Senior students unwind with wheel skills

Posted by Gavin Box
Geraldton Christian College

By Louanne Hardy
Student Support Counsellor

Year 12 students enjoyed some games of wheelchair basketball recently at the Geraldton basketball stadium.

After taking to the court, students heard from guest speaker Chris Kerr, who shared her journey as a wheelchair user navigating “life’s” roadblocks.

Student Support Services organised the activity for Year 12s to have  fun and let off steam  after their  recent exams.

Geraldton Christian College

Collaboration caper

By Helen Ferguson
Year 5 Teacher

The teacher had a plan in mind
“Listen up, don’t get behind
We’re making cubes, a metre tall!
In groups of four, don’t let them fall.”
She said to “plan, think and talk
Use the paper, use the chalk
Work together, be a team.”
An easy plan, it would seem?

So off to work, we went together
No plan in mind, just do whatever
We got the tape and rolled the paper
An amazing ‘collaboration caper’.
But then we disagreed a bit
Bits too long, bits didn’t fit
Our tower collapsed; the tape ran out
We almost gave up, we wanted to shout!

So the teacher came up with a better idea
“Make a cubby”, our plan was clear
We elected two leaders to keep us working
They helped direct us, no more shirking.
We finally collaborated, shared ideas
The building went up, without the tears
Our cubby is up, it’s wonky and bends
But it’s the best place to hide, or read with friends!
Year 5 (it does collapse regularly)

Geraldton Christian College

Geraldton Christian College

Debating skills put to the test

By John Tilinger
Secondary Teacher HASS

Students in Year 7 to 12 have been participating in the inaugural interhouse debating competition.

On Tuesday, Omega claimed victory in the senior debate, demonstrating that social media causes more harm than good.

On Wednesday, Omega was successful again, arguing that being intelligent is better than being beautiful.

With Year 7-9 debates ongoing, Alpha still has room for a comeback before the competition concludes on Tuesday next week.

It has been a blessing to witness students apply logical reasoning and argue persuasively. Whether a team wins or not, speaking confidently in front of others represents a victory in and of itself.

The creation of a debating competition reflects the College’s desire to ensure the house system wholistically recognises the God-given gifts of students in a variety of pursuits.

Geraldton Christian College

Watermelon equals delight

By Brenda Pattenden
Pre-Primary Teacher

Our Pre-Primary students have been eagerly watching the watermelons mature and grow in our gardens.

We did some research to figure out the correct time to harvest and learnt a lot about watermelons. 

After many days of patiently waiting, the watermelon was finally ready to be picked! 

The delight on the children’s faces was almost tangible. 

We then put our mathematical skills to use as we estimated how heavy we thought it was. 

The biggest bonus was when we cut it open and it was red, ripe and very juicy – and there was enough to share with the Kindy class too!

Our students often pick tomatoes, mulberries, watermelon, passion fruit and peas from the gardens as they play throughout the year and it’s such a beautiful blessing to them to have this privilege. 

Many thanks to our wonderful grounds staff who work tirelessly planting such amazing edible plants for our students!

Geraldton Christian College


Child safety

By Fiona Davidson
Executive Assistant to the Principal

Child safety is at the forefront of all planning, decision making and activities at Geraldton Christian College. Every person involved at the College has a responsibility to understand the important role he or she plays in ensuring the wellbeing and safety of young people.

Students have the right to feel safe and respected at all times. At Geraldton Christian College we aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for all of our students and staff.

We have updated the Child Safety page on our website, which we encourage parents/guardians to read.    

There is a Safe Schools Feedback Form on the Child Safety page, which anyone can use to provide feedback to the College – whether it be to raise an issue or concern, or to tell us something positive you’ve experienced.

Our Student Support Team works alongside teachers to discuss child safe practices at the College, who students can talk to if they feel unsafe, or have an issue that they need help to solve.  Posters in Classrooms remind students who can they can talk to if they are experiencing any issues, or feeling unsafe, at school.

At Geraldton Christian College, in developing our Child Safe practices, we have drawn upon the following sources:

Certain sources above were developed under protocols of the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Geraldton Christian College’s Child Safe Framework is comprised of the following five segments:

  • Child Safety Statement of Commitment
  • Child Safe Policies (Child Protection Program)
  • Complaints Policy
  • Protective Behaviours Curriculum and Staff Training
  • Student Support Team who work with staff and students

Parents/guardians are welcome to request further information about child safe practices at any time.  Please email the Senior Child Protection Officer (Deputy Principal Student Welfare)


Policies reviewed

By Fiona Davidson
Executive Assistant to the Principal

Renewal of Registration is one of the principal processes through which the Director General of the Department of Education assesses a school’s compliance with Part 4 of the School Education Act 1999.

The College is going through the process of Re-Registration in 2022 and recently submitted documentation as part of the Application process.

A number of Policies have been reviewed by the College. Parents can request to review any Policies of interest by emailing and parent feedback is always welcome. Policies with a * appear on the College website:

Policies revised:
• Assessment Policy*
• Attendance
• Bring Your Own Device Student Use*
• Bullying Prevention & Intervention*
• Cheating Collusion & Plagiarism
• Complaints*
• Critical Incident Management
• Cycling
• Dogs on Campus
• Enrolment*
• Expulsion
• Fee
• Library Student Text Book Hire
• Locker
• Multi Media
• Our Child Safety Code of Conduct
• Statement of Commitment to Child Safety External Use
• Student Behaviour Management*
• Student Driver Policy & Agreement
• Student Learning
• Sun Protection Students


Executive Assistant & Uniform Shop Coordinator (1.0 FTE)

As Executive Assistant you will be responsible for providing administrative assistance to the Deputy Principals along with running the Uniform Shop.  You will be an excellent communicator with the ability to prioritise and multitask, having an eye for detail and excellent data entry skills. You will also be a “people person” who enjoys interacting with a wide range of age groups.  Please note this is a combined role and not offered as part-time positions.

Applications will close 1 July 2022 at 3pm.

You can apply online using the Staff Application Form.  If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Monster,

Geraldton Christian College
Sindy and Johan Boonzaier

Johan Boonzaier: ‘Surrender all’

Where did you obtain your teaching qualification? CQU Bachelor of Education

When did you start working at Geraldton Christian College? As an Education Assistant in 2015 and a teacher in 2018

For those who don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself. How would you describe yourself, etc? I am a very passionate person and I love to help people. I am a great admirer of fairness and truth.

What is your background and what did you do before you came to Geraldton Christian College? After school I started a career in financial marketing. While travelling and working in the United Kingdom and Scotland I did all sorts of jobs, like landscaping, security, retail, waitering and delivering cars (which was the most fun; I got to drive some expensive cars!) In Taiwan I was an Early Years teacher for 7 years! I learned a lot of patience. You could say God sent me there for just that reason. My seven years in Tibet.

Where were you born and where have you lived before coming to Geraldton (assuming you weren’t born and raised here)? I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. I lived in Hermanus (Cape Town) for the most of my live, moved to Durban and then Bloemfontein (Free Sate, South Africa) where I met Sindy my wife. From there I lived in London, Scotland, and Jersey for four years. After living in Taiwan for seven years we moved to Geraldton.

In a nutshell, what has been your journey of faith? I grew up in a Christian family. My parents separated when I was about six or seven years old. The one person who I looked up to as a great man of God was my grandfather. He taught me so much of what it means to be a man who loves God and what it looks like to try to be a person who values integrity. Nonetheless, I had my ups and downs and lost my way frequently, but God consistently pursued me.

What would be the key life-shaping lesson you have learned about God/Christian discipleship, etc, that you would like to impart to young people? God loves us regardless of who we are and what we have done. All He wants us to do is open the door, before which He is standing and consistently knocking on.

Greatest joy of your life? My family. I have a very supportive and funny wife and two amazing kids I am super proud of.

Toughest time of your life and how God helped you through it? The passing of my brother and my grandfather. God revealed and reminded me that I have a friend, a brother a father and most importantly a King who will never leave me. There is a lot more to this journey and not enough space in the Blog.

Recreation/hobbies/interests? “When I am not teaching, the things I love most to do are…”: Watching all sorts of sport. I enjoy going mountain biking with my family. I love any time spent at the beach, snorkeling, spearfishing and fishing. Watching movies is also high on my fun things to do list.

A little-known thing about you? “People may be surprised to discover that I…”: Am not too bad at drawing, and I have a Diploma in Draftsmanship.

Anything else you would like to add? Do your best in everything you do. Stand up for what is right and look out for those who can’t. Surrender all to God.


Our shared mission explained

Acting Principal Sophia de Lange unpacks the College mission statement – and how it applies to education in Early Childhood and Years 3 to 10

Mission Statement
“In partnership with parents Geraldton Christian College aims to make known the Lordship of Jesus Christ through excellence in education to equip students for works of service”

In partnership with parents
Partnership requires the cooperation of equals in a shared vision and with a commitment to supporting each other for mutual benefit. To work well there needs to be good communication and a high level of trust. Trust exists when we understand the motivation of the other and give permission for them to “speak the truth in love”. It is an active relationship of support and encouragement.
GCC aims to make known the Lordship of Jesus Christ

To be a truly Christian college means that the truth of Christ’s message informs all practice, policies and relationships. Mere appropriation of bits of the Bible or “Christianese” will lead to harsh legalism or the “keeping up of appearances”, rather than real and transparent community that strives to live out the ‘New Creation’ mandate of Jesus. Humility and grace create the conditions of real acceptance, love, and hope. We, therefore, as flawed human beings, need at times to forgive or to be forgiven. Perfection is a great goal but is a horrible master, so we rely on ‘amazing grace’ through the Holy Spirit to sustain and guide that journey.

Through excellence in education
Too often education is viewed as merely content mastery when in fact it is about worthy accomplishment, achieved by causing thoughtful and effective understanding that can be transferred. The learner must come to understanding in two ways: (1) to enable them to constantly make meaning from their schoolwork and (2) to equip them to apply their learning to new situations, not only in school but also beyond it. Thus, schooling should be judged by what students have genuinely accomplished, not whether they have become good at school.

To equip students for works of service
We live in a powerful culture which seeks to imprint its values and control upon young lives. It can then exploit them as economic units through addiction to alcohol, drugs, work, pornography or for their labour, as sex objects or as mindless consumers. The lesson becomes one of exploit or be exploited. The gospel calls such exploitation sin and points out that the creation mandate was instead ‘to love people and use things.“ The fall (sin) sadly changed this to ‘love things and use people’. If we truly understand the Lordship of Jesus Christ then we understand that, just as the Servant King put aside his status as God’s beloved son and humbled himself for shame and crucifixion, then we his followers see in this the true meaning of life. By serving others we demonstrate love and the rejection of exploitation, coercion, and manipulation, replacing it with humility, selflessness, sacrifice and grace. This builds true community and a genuine sense of purpose because my life makes a difference to others.

Beliefs and values

At Geraldton Christian college our beliefs and Values underpin and drive our actions and decisions in relation to education. What do we believe? Why do we hold these beliefs? How do we translate these beliefs into teaching practice?

Early Childhood (Philosophy Statement)

Welcome to Early Learning at Geraldton Christian College. Our goal is to offer a safe and caring learning environment for your child as they begin their first years of schooling. We believe that parents and family are the most significant persons in a child’s life, so we value the close association that we have with parents and encourage a strong partnership between home and school. We encourage daily communication between parents and staff members. Parents and family members are encouraged to actively participate in our program.

Children are created in the image of God, and we aim to explore the wonder of God with them, providing for the needs of the whole child. We believe God has a plan for our lives. Without Him we are nothing and it is through Him we have our existence. The children will learn about who they are in God’s big story, enabling them to feel safe and secure as participants in their learning, responsible for their own actions. As the world around them expands, we will seek to foster each child’s curiosity, perseverance, resilience, responsibility, critical thinking, and informed risk taking. Our staff create a caring and nurturing environment that enhances each child’s individuality, creativity, and self-image.

Our behaviour management focuses on developing a positive environment, by establishing consistent, age-appropriate expectations to help each child feel safe, respected, and included. This coincides with the Early Years Learning Framework, and we focus on a biblical application of the outcomes from the framework. We promote opportunities for a play-based learning curriculum. Children develop at their own rate and should not be compared to other students in their learning abilities. Foundations for literacy and numeracy are of high importance to us, and structured phonics and numeracy learning begins in the kindergarten classes, extending throughout the primary school.

Years 3 to 10

We believe that each child is created in the image of God.
• each child is a unique human being whose potential is limitless
• that childhood is a time of life to be valued and enjoyed in its own right
• that play based learning environments are valuable for the opportunities they provide for children to co-create the curriculum
• that documentation is a powerful tool to reflect on the process of learning and gives teachers, children, and families an opportunity to revisit the thinking and learning that has taken place
• encouraging healthy and sustainable practices

In our work with children we:
• acknowledge children as active and competent learners
• create a safe, welcoming, aesthetically inviting and stimulating learning environment
• promote secure attachments and warm trusting relationships and interactions
• seek to foster curiosity, creativity, perseverance, resilience, critical thinking, and informed risk taking
• promote communication and problem-solving skills and an ability to express and acknowledge feelings
• recognise that children come to us with a variety of cultural and social backgrounds and experiences
• encourage and support children’s learning by acting on their interests and expanding their knowledge and skills

In our work with parents and families we:
• value parents as their child’s first and most influential teachers
• respect and value the unique culture and customs of families
• seek to develop and maintain positive relationships based on trust and mutual respect
• encourage two-way communication and participation in the life and decision-making process of the College

In our work with the wider community we:
• aim to connect children and families with each other and local schooling and family support services
• promote the value and contribution of our students in the wider community through works of service
In our work as educators we:
• are guided professionally by the AITSL standards and the Curriculum with the Bible as the Truth
• reflect on our practice, commit to continuous quality improvement, and value ongoing professional development
• support and mentor colleagues to build the professional capacity of the staff team
• support and mentor students who are embarking on a career in education
• encourage respectful and socially just practice


Jun  27

3:10pm – 4:15pm. Country Week girls volleyball training – grass area in front of Hall

3:15pm – 4:30pm. Country Week Boys Volleyball Training

6:30pm – 10pm. Association event in Hall – Steve McAlpine guest speaker.

Jun  28

3pm – 4pm. Country Week boys basketball training

3:30pm – 5pm. Homework Club in College Library (in-Term and Yrs 3 to 12 only)*

6pm – 8pm. Yr 7 to 12 – Secondary Student Council Trivia Night

Jun  29

7:30pm – 8:30pm. Yr 12 ATAR Information Night

Jun  30

3pm – 4pm. Maths Support in College Library (in-Term and Yrs 10 to 12 only)*

3:15pm – 4pm. Hockey training – after school

3:30pm – 5pm. Homework Club in College Library (in-Term and Yrs 3-12 only)*

6pm – 8pm. Yr 3 and 4 movie night

Jul  1 – Last day of Term 2

Jul  25 – First day of Term 2

Year 10 interviews

3:15pm – 4:30pm. Country Week Boys Volleyball Training

Jul  26

Year 10 interviews

Parent Teacher Meetings – Primary

3pm – 4pm. Country Week boys basketball training

3:30pm – 5pm. Homework Club in College Library (in-Term and Yrs 3 to 12 only)*

Jul  27

Year 10 interviews

Parent Teacher Meetings Secondary

08:40am – 10:27am. IMMUNISATIONS – Year 10

3:15pm – 4:15pm. Yr 12 Human Biology after school study class (optional)

Jul  28

Year 10 interviews

3pm – 4pm. Maths Support in College Library (in-Term and Yrs 10 to 12 only)*

3:30pm – 5pm. Homework Club in College Library (in-Term and Yrs 3-12 only)*

Jul  29

Year 10 interviews

3:10pm – 4:15pm. Country Week girls volleyball training – grass area in front of Hall

3:30pm – 4:30pm. Country Week Girls Netball Training after-school

Parents/guardians must complete an Operoo eForm giving permission for their child to attend Homework Club or Maths Support. Please email