Heritage and hope

Posted by Gavin Box

Heritage and hope

By Sophia de Lange
Acting Principal

Geraldton Christian College commenced operations as Geraldton Christian Community School in 1979, in the hall of the Geraldton Church of Christ in Holland Street. 

The original vision for the College came to Mr George Edland, which inspired several Christian families regarding the importance of choosing Christian schooling for their children.

They became the heritage on which the future is built. 

Christian schooling is part of God’s bigger story, giving hope through God’s purposes.

The founders of the College understood that schooling is not neutral, shaping the way children view the world and their place in it, through a particular story about the world.

Schooling, along with the worldview of a teacher, includes assumptions about the culture, nature and purpose of life and what it means to be human.

Christian education informs, invites, and inspires young people to live as image-bearers of Christ


Christian schooling seeking to be faithful and authentic includes reshaping young people to understand and make meaning of the world through God’s story.

The Bible becomes the better story through which students can reshape culture and the world they live in.

The Bible shapes their thinking on ultimate truth — a Christ-centred vision for life as God’s creation. 

Our students can have hope through the Biblical narrative — the resurrection and restoration of a fallen world through Jesus Christ. 

Christian education helps students shape their place in God’s kingdom.

It is also about a Christian way of living.

When Jesus said, “Follow me”, he was expecting people to dedicate their whole lives to serving God.

Christian education informs, invites, and inspires young people to live as image-bearers of Christ.

The Christian school aims to teach in a unified community of faith, love, hope and in partnership with parents.

The aim is that every student is nurtured and recognised as a unique image-bearer of God.

Our Mission Statement

In partnership with parents Geraldton Christian College aims to make known the Lordship of Jesus Christ through excellence in Education to equip students for works of service

As Christian educators, we are called to give hope and to be people of hope in the 21st century.  We call it Learning God’s Way.


Old Kombi a hit with Pre-Primary

By Brenda Pattenden
Pre-Primary Teacher

Since the recent lifting of some mandated COVID-19 regulations for schools, the Pre-Primary children have been delighted to share some early morning learning opportunities.

Children and parents/guardians have been working together for around 15 minutes each morning with their “learning boxes”.

It’s been wonderful to welcome parents/guardians back onto our school grounds and to see how happy this makes our students!

On another note, in History, we have been looking at things that connect us to our past.

The children brought in some “old things” from their family to talk about and share.

Our biggest highlight of the week was Joel’s “old thing”!

His father, Daniel, brought in his old Kombi, which has been in his family since he was a very young boy.

Geraldton Christian College

We had the opportunity to go and sit in his superb vintage van and to hear stories about his travels around Australia as a child!

The children had to work out the “air conditioning” aspect of the car using the good old window winders!

All in all, it’s been a week of building community in our Pre-Primary classroom.

A time of strengthening and promoting our school’s mission statement of being in partnership with our parents/guardians while we make known the Lordship of Jesus through sharing our connected past and present.


Interhouse competitions go down to the wire

By Andre Steenekamp
Director of Sport

Interhouse competitions between Alpha and Omega were rebooted in excellent fashion in Term 2, after COVID-19 deferred some events on the College calendar.

Students made up for lost time and action by putting on a display for the rest of the College, with fine leadership from House and Country Week Captains.

In basketball, Alpha scored four wins over Omega’s two, with the average margin in score difference only four points.

Year 12 and Year 7 boys’ games were decided by one point only and got the supporters going at full capacity.

We certainly did not have the usual sit down and eat your sandwich lunch during the course of the week.

It was great to see the new House shirts on display also to foster great Team spirit!

Debating is up next in Week 9 and should provide equal amount of entertainment.

This week, we also completed the Secondary Cross Country Carnival, with COVID-19 trying its best to cripple the event.

Again, students showed immense resilience and turned the Carnival into a memorable event with precious memories.

The final result will be announced at next week’s Secondary assembly.

We can reveal it was another very close Carnival, with only 43 points difference between the two Houses.

U/13 Boys

  1. Archie R
  2. Rhys C
  3. Clive W

U/13 Girls

  1. Theresa
  2. Addison O
  3. Mackenzie D

U/14 Boys

  1. Nathan K
  2. Diara I
  3. Lysander F

U/14 Girls

  1. Heidi K
  2. Skye W
  3. Sari R

U/15 Boys

  1. Levi L
  2. Isaac H
  3. Macklin H

U/15 Girls

  1. Nicola S
  2. Pamela E
  3. Sharcaner J

u/16 Girls

  1. Nicky-Mari M
  2. Devine M

u/16 Boys

  1. James P
  2. Max H
  3. Will H

Open Boys

  1. Braydon K
  2. Isaac H
  3. Kristian S

Open Girls

  1. Imogen T
  2. Chanelle W & Paige C
  3. Nesaea F

The ACC Cross Country Team will be announced soon with the Carnival taking place in Perth on Wednesday 1 June and Thursday 2 June.

Well done to all students who participated in the Carnivals. You displayed a contagious “can-do” attitude.

Board member Dean Solman and Board Secretary Khim Harris.


More than a school … it’s a community

Dean Solman’s family have lived in other parts of WA and the children have attended a number of schools.

But he has never experienced anything like the care and welcome of the Geraldton Christian College school community.

“At other schools, after pick-up time everyone would just disappear,” he says.

“This school is totally different. Teachers are so approachable. Parents hang around after school, teachers are there for a chat.

“I love the community. It’s so unique.

At other schools, after pick-up time everyone would just disappear. This school is totally different…
I love the community. It’s unique


“I don’t know of any school that has this sort of social bond. Everyone looks out for one another and goes above and beyond. It’s amazing.

“I love it here. I love my family, I love what I do, love my kids, love the outdoor life, love the school, love the support  and love my church.”

That’s the power of Christian community.

Mr Solman made the comments after he was elected to the Board of the Geraldton Christian Community Schools Association on Monday night.

Dr Khim Harris, who has served for three years as Board Secretary, was also re-elected for another term.

Both men received a unanimous vote from the 33 Association members who attended either in person or online.

Dr Harris said he was passionate about supporting the school and grateful for the input of teachers on his son Luke’s life.

“My wife Eugenie and I are delighted Luke is not just achieving his academic potential but growing in his knowledge and love of the Lord Jesus Christ,” he said.

“We just encourage the teachers to focus as much on that as good academic results.”

During the meeting, Dr Harris presented Board Chair Andrew Beard with a gift on behalf of the Assocatioon, in recognition of his 10 years of service to the Board, the past three as Board Chair.

Board Chair Andrew Beard was honoured for 10 years of Board service, three as Board Chair.
Principal Gavin Hirschhausen was thanked for his passion, stewardship and leadership in a challenging year.

Principal Gavin Hirschhausen thanked the College community for staying strong and united in facing the challenges presented by COVID-19.

He also particularly thanked College COVID-19 Officer Hayden Scally for his work in this area.

Mr Hirschhausen pointed to investment in College infrastructure, the College rebrand and resourcing of student welfare departments as other highlights of the past year.

“I am very excited at where the  College is at as I take a Sabbatical to complete a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership,” he said.

“I am looking forward to returning in 2023, ready for the next chapter in life of the College.”

A parent thanked Mr Hirschhausen for his passion, stewardship and leadership in the past year.

Mrs Sophia de Lange will serve as Acting Principal in Mr Hirschhausen’s absence.

Other key leadership positions will be filled by Mr Hayden Scally (Deputy Principal Student Welfare), Dr Gavin Marcus (Deputy Principal Teaching), Mrs Martlie Fourie (Acting Deputy Principal Curriculum) and Mrs Annette Kuhlmann (Acting Inclusive Education Coordinator).

If you are a committed Christian who is passionate about education that is biblically grounded and transformational, then we invite you to consider Association membership.

For more information, go to https://gcc.wa.edu.au/about/governance/


May  24

3.30pm – 5pm. Homework Club in College Library – in-Term and Yrs 3 to 12 only*

May  25

09am – 12:30pm. Primary Cross Country – Years 1 to 6

6pm – 7pm. Yr 10 Carnarvon Service Camp Information Night for Parents

May  26

3pm – 4pm. Maths Support in College Library (in-Term and Yrs 10 to 12 only)*

3:30pm – 5pm. Homework Club in College Library (-in-Term and Yrs 3-12 only)*

May  27

09am – 10:30am. Yr 12 PE Studies ATAR Prac Exam

2:06pm – 3pm. Secondary Assembly in Hall (note change of date from 8 June)

May  30

Year 12 Exams

May  31

Year 12 Exams

3:30pm – 5pm. Homework Club in College Library – in-Term and Yrs 3 to 12 only*

Jun  1

Year 12 Exams

ACC Cross Country

2:05pm – 3pm. Primary Assembly – Yr 4 presentation

Jun  2

Year 12 Exams

ACC Cross Country

Year 10 and 11 Exams

3pm – 4pm. Maths Support in College Library (in-Term and Yrs 10 to 12 only)*

3:30pm – 5pm. Homework Club in College Library (-in-Term and Yrs 3-12 only)*

Jun  3

Year 12 Exams

Year 10 and 11 Exams

Jun  6


Jun  7

Year 10 and 11 Exams

3:30pm – 5pm. Homework Club in College Library – in-Term and Yrs 3 to 12 only*

Jun  8

Year 10 and 11 Exams

Jun  9

Year 10 and 11 Exams

3pm – 4pm. Maths Support in College Library (in-Term and Yrs 10 to 12 only)*

3:30pm – 5pm. Homework Club in College Library (-in-Term and Yrs 3-12 only)*

Jun  10

Year 10 and 11 Exams

09am – 2:30pm. Secondary Netball Carnival (Yr 7 to 12)

Jun  13

Year 7 to 9 Exams

Jun  14

Year 7 to 9 Exams

3:30pm – 5pm. Homework Club in College Library – in-Term and Yrs 3 to 12 only*

Jun  15

Year 7 to 9 Exams

Jun  16

Year 7 to 9 Exams

3pm – 4pm. Maths Support in College Library (in-Term and Yrs 10 to 12 only)*

3:30pm – 5pmHomework Club in College Library (-in-Term and Yrs 3-12 only)*

Jun  17

Yr 9 Rogaine Camp

09am – 2:30pm. AFL Carnival at GBSC Sports Park – Yr 5 and 6 PE

09:20am – 2:15pm. Primary Netball Carnival (Yr 5-6)

Jun  18

Yr 9 Rogaine Camp

Jun  19

Yr 9 Rogaine Camp

* Parents/guardians must complete an Operoo eForm giving permission for their child to attend Homework Club or Maths Support. Please email gavin.box@gcc.wa.edu.au


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