Fire crews a hit with the Pre-Primary class

Posted by Gavin Box
Children couldn’t contain their excitement at the chance to operate a fire hose.

No hosing down these family stories!

You never know what to expect when you have a question and answer time with children.

So it was this week when local firefighters visited the Pre-Primary class to talk about their jobs and fire safety.

The sharing time led to some gems of information, including revelations from one child that they nearly had a fire at their house when Mum left the oven on!

Another student revealed that Dad’s bottom nearly caught fire one day!

With stifled laughter, the adults certainly enjoyed the time as much as the children.

For their part, the students could not contain their excitement when they were shown the firefighters’ equipment up close, including the chance to use the fire hose.

God bless our fire crews!

Local firefighters talk to the Pre-Primary class about a firefighter’s job.
Who wants to see a fire truck?
What’s missing? You guessed it … gloves.
Lining up to see the fire truck!

We love the joy in this photo! Thanks, Year 2, for your act of kindness!

Year 2 students make Principal’s day

Year 2 students showered some love on Principal Gavin Hirschhausen this week when they gave him a cake for his birthday, along with some birthday cards.

Mr Hirschhausen was delighted by the kind and thoughtful gesture. Thanks for the ministry of encouragement, Year 2!

Geraldton Christian College
Students explore the nature playground.

Pedalling pays off with a new playground!

Well done to all who contributed to this year’s Bikeathon, which raised $3080!

The money has been earmarked for the new Primary nature playground.

Work on the playground has already started, with Mr Harri Harrington completing phase one during the last school holidays.

Further work will be done using these logs in the upcoming holidays.

Students who had four or more sponsors for the Bikeathon will receive Certificates at the Primary Assembly on Tuesday 23 November, from 2.06pm to 3.00pm in the College Hall. 

A bike donated by the Hon. member for Geraldton, Lara Dalton, will also be presented at the assembly, to a winner chosen from students who fundraised.

Students ride the circuit as part of the Bikeathon fundraiser.

Winnowing the grain.

Bible comes alive at harvest-time

Primary students stepped back in time recently, learning about ancient methods of producing food from wheat.

After harvesting a small crop from the College grounds, supplemented by wheat from a local farm, students tried their hand at winnowing the grain – throwing it, rubbing it, blowing it and scrubbing it, to remove the husks.

Sustainable Agricultural Management Coordinator Kelly Harrington said the lesson brought to life accounts from the Bible where Jesus’ disciples picked wheat as they were walking through a field and began to eat it.

Students will now spend about two weeks milling the grain, which will then be used to make pancakes.

Harvesting the grain.

Winnowing the grain.
Ready for milling!


Potatoes grown on the College grounds have also been used as part of classroom lessons.

Students have harvested a second crop of potatoes after seed potatoes were planted on the grounds recently.

The first crop amounted to about 10kg and Mrs Harrington estimates the second crop was about double that amount.

She said the exercise was a lesson in faith, “the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11), as the yield from a potato crop is hidden from view until harvest time.

“In the same way, God calls us to trust Him even if we may not see things happening from our point of view,” she said.

Potato harvest time!

Remember the game Mouse Trap? Year 9 students developed complex machines to complete a simple task as part of a recent Science project.

Science: God’s gift of problem-solving

By Keith Roffman
Science Teacher

A recent task for Year 9 Science students was to engineer an overly complex, self-progressing series of machines to complete a simple task (e.g. pop a balloon or ring a bell, etc).

God has given humans the ability to create and problem solve. Rube Goldberg Machines replicate the virtue of persistence required to overcome problems.

Post Adam and Eve Fall, the world is full of problems that need solving. It is my deep hope that students apply the skills here to overcome issues they face in life.

Using the investigation framework, such as the one just completed, students learn how to make valid and fair scientific tests.

Who knows? A student in this class may develop a new cure for cancer or engineer a robot to complete a task never thought possible.


Squid Games … not such a game!

By Joanne Lindsay
Biblical Life & Worldview Teacher

“Hundreds of cash strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in a children’s game. Inside, a tempting prize awaits – with deadly high stakes.”

And so the hook for Squid games reads on Netflix.

You may have heard about Squid Games and you may have even watched it, as it is listed as most popular on Netflix at the moment.

This program comes with the description of drama, thriller, horror fiction.

It takes you on a story that could be redemptive and in some ways is for the main character, however, please be warned that it contains very violent scenes that lead to death. This show is concerning as it may lead to distress for some viewers particularly younger children and teenagers.

We have heard conversations about the show in the playground and in the classroom, so children are watching it.

Some tips that may help you guide your child/ren –

  • Always give the option of turning off from media.
  • Limit screen time and access at home. Have a central place for devices. Turn off wi-fi at certain times.
  • Talk to your children about content and themes
  • Ask if there is anything that upsets them.
  • Access help by clicking  Reach.out this website has some great ways in which to help parents communicate concerns and be proactive.

Happy media watching.

Brenda and the Kindy children enjoy some reading time.

Brenda Pattenden: ‘God our anchor in life’s storms’

What is your position at Geraldton Christian College? I’m currently teaching Kindy but have also thoroughly enjoyed teaching Pre-Primary at the College over the years.

Where and when did you obtain your teaching qualification? Bachelor Of Education through the University of South Africa specialising in Early Childhood. I became qualified in 2009.

When did you start working at Geraldton Christian College? January 2016.

For those who don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself. How would you describe yourself, etc? I’m a “go getter” and always willing to try … I love spending time making memories with my children and try to take them camping whenever we get a chance. I have the most delightful children whom I am abundantly blessed with: James, 15 and triplets Erica, Lexie and Nina who are 9.

What is your background and what did you do before you came to Geraldton Christian College? I immigrated from Zimbabwe in January 2015 and immediately felt welcomed by all the Australians I met. Geraldton has been my home from the moment I left Zimbabwe, as my brother and sister were here with their families.

Where were you born and where have you lived before coming to Geraldton? I was born in Zimbabwe, which is a most beautiful, wild and wonderful country. We grew up holidaying among wild elephants, buffalos and hippos. It was not uncommon on our holidays, to have to pull the car over and wait for the elephant, zebra or buffalo traffic to pass before we could continue on our journey. Amazing how quickly we took it for granted, yet looking back, it was something I should have cherished and appreciated! Although we had a wonderful life in Zimbabwe, God had other plans for my family and we felt a calling to move to Australia where our children would possibly have a more positive and safer future. Of course, God was not wrong. We have thrived and count our blessings every day as our children continue to positively grow in so many aspects of their lives!

In a nutshell, what has been your journey of faith? Have you always been a Christian? If not, how did this come about? I went to a very strong Christian-based boarding school for my senior school years and it was there where I gave my life to the Lord. I can still remember our daily evening devotions and the beautiful praise and worship singing that my fellow African peers sung with such heart and soul. These memories have left an imprint in my heart and I’m thankful that my parents chose to send me to that school, as their choices enabled and led me to where I am today.

What would be the key life-shaping lesson you have learned about God/Christian discipleship, etc, that you would like to impart to children? “If I could teach students one thing, it would be …”: Life’s journey is not easy. Heartache and suffering come to us all, but there is ALWAYS hope! When you are in the midst of a storm, hold on, believe, pray, shout out to God and never give up. He hears your call, he is there beside you and you are never deserted. The sunshine always, always returns and the storm not only makes you stronger but also makes you appreciate your blessings.

Greatest joy of your life? My children! When I look at their bright and happy faces, I feel the most contented love and fulfilment for each of them.

Toughest time of your life and how God helped you through it? In 2010 I suffered the greatest heartache and pain due to the loss of my seven-year-old daughter, Danielle. However, my love for God is steadfast and I have realised that if I can rely on God for the strength to get through those initial hardest of days/months after my loss, I know that I can do ALL things as HE gives me the strength to do it!

Recreation/hobbies/interests? “When I am not teaching, the things I love most to do are…”: I really enjoy ocean-based activities – I’ve learnt how to surf, but would still be classed as a surf grom; I go boat fishing with my son or we sometimes include his sisters and have fun with the sea biscuit or scurfing. I love going camping and creating wonderful memories with my children, just like my parents did with me. I also enjoy running and keeping fit.

A little known thing about you? “People may be surprised to discover that I…”: Have a skippers ticket and a boat and my reversing skills have become pretty sharp with practise!

Anything else you would like to add? Working with young children is an honour to me. I love my job. Coming to work every day and seeing these happy, little faces anticipating the fun we will have is the most rewarding thing I could hope for. I pray that I make a positive impact on each little life that I have the pleasure to teach or be a part of.

Geraldton Christian College

Power of prayer

The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with. James 5:16 (MSG)

The world witnessed the power of prayer this week when a four-year-old girl who was missing for 19 days in WA’s Gascoyne was found safe and well by authorities.

The girl’s disappearance prompted a wave of prayer across the nation and beyond.

At Geraldton Christian College, we believe in the power of prayer.

Parents are invited to join a small group every Monday to uphold the College in prayer. The group meets from 8.45am to 9.15am. Register at administration office, then proceed to the Primary lunch tables or staff room (depending on weather), and look for Kelly Harrington, Prayer Coordinator and Wholistic Land Management Coordinator.


Enrol now for 2022 program

By Kate Wheat
Instrumental Music Program Coordinator

A reminder that students who are currently enrolled in the program will be automatically rolled over into next year’s program. If you would like to withdraw, please email me at before the end of term to avoid fees begin charged to your account.

New students interested in joining the IMP in 2022 are asked to please email me at before the end of term to enquire or organise an enrolment form.


Casual cleaners

The College is in need of staff who can fill in, as required, when regular staff are not available. Training is provided before being placed on the relief contact list.

Relief cleaners need to be available between the hours of 3.00pm and 6.00pm on school days (Monday to Friday), and due to COVID-19 there may also be hours available during school hours.

Please apply online.

For any queries about employment at the College, please call 08 9938 9100 or email

Library Officer (available for 2022)

Assisting staff, students and community members with queries, selection and location of resources is the main focus of this position.

Previous Library experience preferred, including familiarity with a Library Management System.

You will have strong customer service skills, an excellent work ethic, and advanced computer skills.

The position is permanent part-time (fifteen hours per week) during school term time.

Please visit the College website for further details:

Applications close on Friday 12 November 2021.

Wanted to rent: caravan

Geraldton Christian College Library Manager Denise du Boulay would like to rent a caravan over the Christmas break to use as an extra bedroom.

Mrs du Boulay says she is happy to pay to rent the caravan and that it will be well looked after.
Needed from 23 December to 2 January.

Please contact Mrs du Boulay at the library or by emailing


8 to 19 November: WACE Exams
8-12 November: Yr 10-11 Exams
11 November: Remembrance Day (no assembly due to Exams)
12 November: Yr 11 General students – last day of school
15-18 November: Yr 7-9 Exams
16 November: Yr 11 ATAR students – last day of school
17-19 November: Yr 11 Future Pathways Camp, Perth
20 November: Yr 12 Ball (ticketed event) – Arrivals 6.30pm (everyone welcome to come and watch), Ball 7.00-11.00pm

For more details, visit the Parent Calendar.



Saturday 6 November, 9.00am – 2.00pm, Classic Car Show, at Geraldton Primary School (corner Sanford and Fitzgerald Streets, Geraldton). Food available. Entry: Gold coin donation, with all proceeds going to support YouthCARE School Chaplaincy Services in the Mid West.


Scripture Union have some great camps available during the holidays. More information on their website: