Marvels of God’s creation

Posted by Gavin Box
Geraldton Christian College
College Library Manager Denise du Boulay and grandson James enjoy God’s handiwork at Coalseam.

By Denise du Boulay
College Library Manager

I went in a panic when asked to share at a staff devotion this week.

Then the thought came to me. How can I say I have nothing to share, when God has given me eternal life – and bestowed upon me grace and mercy and love beyond my understanding?

What a privilege it should be to give witness to the goodness of God.

Some of my photos here were taken from the Coalseam on Saturday.

We had a gorgeous day – cloudy but no rain. As I wandered among the wildflowers and took in the majesty and splendor from the lookout, I thought how can anyone say there is no God, no creator?

As I considered the big, vast expanse before me, even the view across the paddocks at home to the intricacies of each individual flower, the colours and details of our birds and animals, and the codependency of it all, I could not fathom how someone could believe it was the result of a big bang, or could originate from one cell.

Instead, I see the hand of the Master. God the creator, the detailed artist who wants us to enjoy the splendor of his work; God, who cares for us so much and wants us to depend on him, to know that despite all the horrible things that sin has bought into our world He is still in control.

There is still beauty and so much to be thankful for and to praise him for.

To God be the glory, forever and ever. Amen.

Geraldton Christian College
From the view across the paddocks at home in Chapman Valley, to the intricacies of a hakea flower, the colours and details of our birds and animals … we see the hand of the Master.

Geraldton Christian College
Kindy students made marmalade jam using fresh produce from the College gardens.


Spreading God’s love with jam

By Brenda Pattenden
Kindergarten Teacher

Our clever Kindy children are at it again with some exciting things happening…

Our book that we have chosen for this term’s Book Week is called “Marmaduke Duke and the Marmalade Jam”.

There is plenty of movement in this book, as the animals sway, swim and dance their way across the pages.

In addition, with its themes of friendship, ownership and sharing, this book paves the way for discussion on these topics, as well as our Biblical worldview.

With that in mind, we decided to make our own marmalade jam to share with the community.

The Kindy class went down to the gardens and harvested our very own organic, juicy oranges.

With the help of the wonderful Mrs Sexton, they made many jars of delicious marmalade jam which we are going to sell to raise funds to donate to communities in the world that are less fortunate than us.

More information of this will follow, once the labels have been made.

The children are experiencing first-hand why it is important we take care of God’s earth, through looking after our fruit trees in our school.

They have reaped the benefits of their care through harvesting oranges and in turn making and selling jam.

What fun we have had along the way – learning such wonderful life skills as kindness and love through helping others!

Geraldton Christian College
Monique de Beer with children, from left, Bradley, Lily and Emke.


Monique de Beer, Student Services Officer

When did you start working at Geraldton Christian College? For this position 24 June 2021, but have been doing Admin and Library relief for the school since August 2020.

For those who don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself. How would you describe yourself? Firstly, I am a child of God. I am blessed with three beautiful children and a husband who loves God as much as I do.

What is your background and what did you do before you came to Geraldton Christian College? I have been in administration roles for the past 12 years.

Where were you born and where have you lived before coming to Geraldton (assuming you weren’t born and raised here)? Born and raised in Rustenburg, South Africa.

In a nutshell, what has been your journey of faith? Have you always been a Christian? If not, how did this come about? I was born into a Christian family.

What would be the key life-shaping lesson you have learned about God/Christian discipleship, etc? Always have the desire to know and love God more; allow his light to shine through in your life.

Greatest joy of your life? My family.

Geraldton Christian College
Staff and students at work on gecko sand art, created as part of the College’s NAIDOC Week celebrations last week. Picture: Brian Sonneman
Geraldton Christian College
Students line up around gecko sand art, created as part of the College’s NAIDOC Week celebrations last week. Picture: Brian Sonneman

Celebrations make local news

Geraldton Christian College students celebrated NAIDOC Week last week, due to the scheduled national event occurring during school holidays.

You may have seen a segment on GWN7 local news.

As part of the celebrations, students created colourful gecko sand art, with the help of Student Support Counsellor Annette Dhu and Art Teacher Annalise Edwards.

Drone operator Brian Sonneman captured the moment with video and still photos.

Students also took part in the following activities:

• Whole school assembly with special guests Kathleen Councillor, Gavin Mallard and the Midwest Clontarf Academy boys dance group, and Alyce Whitby and the Stars Foundation girls dance group (Geraldton Senior High School).

• Face painting and bead making.

• Traditional damper making with June Councillor and Margaret Ranger.

• Hearing stories from Ross and Lindsay Councillor around the College fire pit yarning circle.

• A NAIDOC Cup basketball competition, with the following teams winning the Cups: Secondary boys – Deadly Dingos; Secondary girls – Raging Redback Spiders; and Primary Kangaroos.

A big thank you to Deputy Principal Student Welfare Hayden Scally and Mrs Dhu for their work behind the scenes, coordinating the events.

Congratulations to the winners of our NAIDOC Cup basketball competition: Primary Kangaroos; Secondary girls – Raging Redback Spiders; Secondary boys – Deadly Dingos.

Geraldton Christian College
Kyle Wennekes, Year 12 Boys Champion. Picture: Gavin Box, Geraldton Christian College

Daniel wins Interhouse Carnival

House champions: Daniel

Individual champions:

Yr 7 Girls: 1. Delilah S., 2. Isabelle Boonzaier, 3. Heidi Kinivan.

Yr 7 Boys: 1. Nathan Kietzmann, 2. Lysander Foster, 3. Ray Kiboi.

Yr 8 Girls: 1. Nicola Steenekamp, 2. Pamela Eze, 3. Sharcarner Jones.

Yr 8 Boys: 1. Denzel Drown, 2. Denbi Horstman, 3. Mackinnley Orr

Yr 9 Girls: 1. Nickey Marx, 2. Sienna Norgett, 3. Rania Smit.

Yr 9 Boys: 1. Nigel Hodder, 2. Ashton Palmer, 3. James Pattenden.

Yr 10 Girls: 1. Chanelle Wennekes & Paige Carslake, 2. Nesaea Foster, 3. Jorja Cowan.

Yr 10 Boys: 1. Kristian Steenekamp, 2. Zadian Janse Van Rensburg, 3. Braydon Kietzmann.

Senior Girls (Yr 11 and Yr 12): 1. Stacia Brehaut, 2. Bella Davidson, 3. Emma Lindsay.

Senior Boys (Yr 11 and Yr 12): 1. Kyle Wennekes, 2. Roy Kiboi, 3. Xavier Dhu.


Feedback invited on Mobile Phone Policy

The pace of phone technology is happening so fast that society is still playing catch up as new hazards arise, particularly for the young people in their care.

It seems not a day goes by when there is not some news report in Australia about sexting or cyber bullying, or some other abuse of the technology.

While smart phones can be a quick, convenient way to respond to communication and information, they can also be misused, putting young people and their carers at risk.

It has become apparent to the College leadership that the risks of allowing students access to mobile phones needs clarifying, particularly during school hours and on camps, where ‘no-use’ far outweighs any perceived benefits.

With this in mind, the College has reviewed and revised its Mobile Phone Policy, taking into account our duty of care for both students and staff.

As per our Policy Development Policy, feedback is now sought from parents on the amended Policy.

To request a copy, please email Fiona Davidson, Executive Assistant to Principal,

Feedback, in writing, should be submitted to Mrs Davidson by Friday 27 August.


Job opportunities at the College

Two Primary Teachers, 1.0FTE – Early Childhood (K-Yr 2) and Primary (Yrs 3-6)

Two Primary Teachers, 0.2 FTE – Early Childhood (K-Yr 2) and Primary (Yrs 3-6)

Primary Music Teacher, 0.523 FTE

Secondary Teacher, 1.0FTE (or part-time considered) – Maths/Science

Personnel Officer, 0.6FTE

Relief Teachers and Education Assistants – the College welcomes applicants at any time for relief work.

For further information about available positions, please visit the College website: or email

Coming up this Term

14 to 20 August: Yr 10 Carnarvon Mission Trip

18 August: Primary Athletics Carnival (College Oval)

24 August: Kindy Come and Play Day

26 August: Randolph Stow Awards, hosted by the College this year

26-27 August: State finals of Sunsmart Schools Surfing Titles, Perth

1 September: OLNA Writing Test

1 September: ACC Athletics Carnival, Perth

7 September: Grandfriends’ Day

9-10 September: WA School Mountain Bike Championships, Perth

9 September: Yr 7 immunisations

9 September: Kindy Come and Play Day

13-17 September: Yr 6/7 Mid West Camp

16 September: OLNA Reading Test

18 September: Bikeathon; Mountain Bike Event

20-24 September: Book Week

21 September: OLNA Numeracy Test

24 September: Primary Dress Up Day

24 September: Last day of Term 3

For more information, visit the Parent Calendar on the website:

Worldview Australia Camp 2022

Registrations are now open for Worldview Australia Camp 2022.

Register here:

Worldview Australia trains young Christians to think and live with a Biblical worldview.

Explore what we mean, how we know it’s true, and what difference it makes in life.

• 6 Days, 6 speakers, 25 hours of lively lectures.

• Small group activities & discussions.

• Learn servant leadership, apologetics, outreach, and comparative worldviews in an environment that encourages questions, thoughtfulness, good humour, & lifelong friends.

Who: Years 9-12 (current year of school 2021)

When: 16 to 21 January 2022

Where: Camp Wattle Grove, 59 Kelvin Road, Wattle Grove, Western Australia.

Cost: $600 ($550 Alumni discount) or $460 with a HCC. Discounts offered for siblings coming on camp.
Sponsorship options available. Email for more information.