Week 3 Term 1 2020

Posted by Fiona Davidson

Primary Swimming Lessons

Usually we have swimming lessons for students in Years 1-6 in Term 1 at the Aquarena, and in Term 2 for Pre-Primary students. 

This year, swimming lessons will be held in Term 2 for ALL of our Primary students – 25 May to 5 June (no lesson on Mon 1 June WA Day Public Holiday).

Communications will be sent out at the beginning of Term 2, with the registration forms.

Tasty Tuesday, 25 Feb

Tasty Tuesday next week will be Fettuccini Carbonara (pasta in bacon/cheese sauce) & garlic bread. Tossed salad will also be available for those students who would like to add some greens to their lunch.

Meals are $4 which can be ordered online before 9.30am Tuesday, OR students pay cash at the Canteen at lunch time.

Year 11 Human Biology ATAR

The Year 11 ATAR Human Biology class did an OSMOSIS investigation with eggs during their prac lesson with Mrs Labuschagne this week.

They were investigating how water diffuses through the membrane while lying in different solutions. The investigation was over 2 days and the eggs were measured before being placed in a solution, then again on the second day when they were taken out of the solution.

Year 9 Food Technology

Year 9 Food Students completed a blind taste test challenge this week which Teacher, Mrs Janelle Phillips, said was pretty funny!

She said students explored what the eating experience is like without using all of their senses, only taste (so no sense, touch, smell or sight).

Students ate apple, pear, breakfast cereals, lemon, radish, banana yoghurt, pickles, carrot and capsicum. 


Remember to keep checking the College Calendar for the most up to date information.

Secondary Swimming Carnival, Friday 28 February – PARENTS/GUARDIANS are very welcome to come along and cheer for their child/ren. Note: A Spectator Entry Fee will be charged by Geraldton Aquarena.

LABOUR DAY Public Holiday, Mon 2 March

WELCOME FEAST, Thurs 5 March (don’t forget to RSVP)! Details have been emailed home.

Primary Swimming Carnival (Yrs 3-6), Wed 11 March


Some of our Indonesian Students will be performing a dance at Harmony Day Festivities