Life’s greatest calling … to serve

Posted by Gavin Box

By Dynika Abetz and Tamicah Pettigrew
Student Support Team

The Year 9 Service Camp, held from 8 to 10 March, began on the Wednesday with a devotion from Biblical Life & Worldview Teacher John Tilinger on the character of Jesus, drawn from Philippians 2.

We looked at the humility and servant heart of Jesus, and students were encouraged to model this.

The students were then split into three groups. The first group went to the Bluff Point Anglican Church and served by helping with yard work – splitting into small groups to wash, wipe, rake and clean.

They were pleased to be refreshed by later receiving some icy poles and snacks.

As one student said: “it was hard, but it was fun doing it together with friends”.

The second group set up the church hall for a morning tea, with residents from Hillcrest lodge. Each student had a buddy and they had a wonderful time serving their guests cuppas and snacks, followed by a game of bean bag toss and chair balloons.

Each resident had brought in something from their past, and the students were able to have some great discussions with their buddies. One student said that she enjoyed seeing how happy it made the residents to be there.

The third group helped serve at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop in Geraldton. They were able to help by getting stock ready, cleaning and displaying stock. There were some funny moments and the students learnt some new skills.

Everyone came together for lunch and a chat, talking about their morning. Some ate with the Hillcrest residents. It was great to see some students with a natural affinity for caring for the elderly and helping them with the 30-minute task of loading everyone back onto the bus.

Then the teams all moved locations, some back to Salvation Army, some undertaking service work at Lighthouse Church and others back at school to help set up for the Association’s annual Welcome Feast.

The next day, students had an overnight stay at Wandalgu, a supported accommodation facility 150km from Geraldton, which is currently being prepared for an anticipated opening in May.

Wandalgu will provide people struggling with life-controlling issues a safe space to engage in gospel-based transformative programs.

Students had no contact with residents as the facility is currently unoccupied. Service tasks involved assisting Wandalgu management in preparing the facility.

The time at Wandalgu was a growing experience for students and the staff who accompanied them. As well as the service work, students were led in a great devotion around Ephesians 4:29, where they were reminded to think about the words they speak and how they may impact their own lives and the people around them.

On their second day at Wandalgu, just before leaving, students were given a tour of the facilities, including the beautiful heritage-listed monastery and the small museum, which houses old photos and items from Wandalgu’s early days as a boarding school.

College fee invoices in your inbox

By Tracey du-Pont
Business Manager

Fee invoices were sent out between 8 February and 12 February 2023.

You would have received an email from with a copy of your invoice and a link to open the invoice.

If you have not received your 2023 School Fee invoice, please check your spam inbox, or email me at for a copy.

Outdoor classroom a hit with Kindy

By Nateeka White
Kindy Teacher

As a Kindy class we have been making the most of our beautiful gardens and the outdoor classroom in our horticulture yard.

Since venturing out of our Kindy room over the past three weeks we have had opportunity to feed the goats, pat the chickens, learn the difference between ripe and unripe fruit, pick fresh produce from the gardens, and use our fine motor skills to cut up veggies to make a salad.

We have enjoyed packing our morning tea and eating at the table under the veranda there.  

Students explore career options at TAFE

Some of our Year 9 students participated in a career taster at Central Regional TAFE on Tuesday 14 March. The event looked at careers in hairdressing, massage therapy, community services, beauty therapy, childcare, education support and nursing.
Students will take part in more tasters throughout the year.

Lightbulb moment for art class

By Helen Ferguson
Year 7-10 Art Teacher

The Year 7 Art elective group has been working on the Principles of Design. One area we have looked at is Perspective. Our Lightbulb pieces demonstrate perspective. The students sketched their ideas, refined their design and then drew, outlined and coloured (or shaded) onto paper. We think these four completed works look terrific. Well done!

Primary students take on the SciTech Challenge

By Sindy Boonzaier
Primary Teacher

Our students had the opportunity to be involved in interactive science shows and workshops this term when the SciTech Challenge came to the College.

Year 1-3 students looked at Science and how it happens in many different places.

They had a go at mixing things together and making something new!

From the kitchen to the bathroom, students explored what happens when we combine different things, both following a recipe and making up some of their own.

Students continued to mix and make back in the kitchen.

Ingredients were provided, but no recipe. We described what we saw and chose how much to add.

Student scientists used their eyes, hands, ears, and nose, but their mouths were at the teacher’s discretion.

Year 4-5 students looked at the world around us in a whole new light!

Together, they used some of the different tools to explore chemistry and reveal unseen properties.

We completed a hands-on medical challenge using common household ingredients to see if we can protect a tablet from being absorbed in our simulated stomach (vinegar), thinking critically about the properties each ingredient had to offer.

Mangoes, mangoes everywhere!

By Sindy Boonzaier
Primary Teacher

Last week the Year 4/5 class went to the gardens to help Mrs Harrington cut up mangoes.

It was quite an experience for our students working in groups and seeing the process of lovely, juicy mangoes ending up in tiny pieces to be frozen.

It was a mouth-watering experience and students had to concentrate cutting up the mangoes, using their best knife using skills, then slicing the meat off the mango pith, weighing it carefully, then popping it in the freezer to be sold or used in future.

The Year 6 class had the opportunity to open the dried mango piths (which was a whole new learning experience for most), using a special tool to unwrap a bean-like seed, and then plant it to grow more mango trees!

What an experience and so much to learn!

It was wonderful to see everyone involved and the co-operation between the students.

As they say: “many hands make light work.”

We are so blessed to have so many different learning opportunities in our growing garden!

God said, “See, I give you every seed-bearing plant that is upon all the earth, and every tree that has seed-bearing fruit; they shall be yours for food.” Genesis 1:29

Swimmers give their all at ACC

By Andre Steenekamp
Director of Sport

Well done to the Geraldton Christian College swim team who competed in the Associated and Catholic Colleges carnival at HBF stadium in Perth last week.

Although we did not have as many club swimmers as the bigger schools to rack up the points, we did have a team that gave its very best, right up until the last race. The students showed tremendous grit, with a healthy competitive spirit.

Special thanks to the Phys Ed staff and Mrs Narelle Beaver (Swim Coach) for volunteering their time on Tuesday mornings to prepare our swimmers for the carnivals.

The College’s performance swim club will kick start in Term 4 this year to allow more preparation time leading into the 2024 carnivals.

I would also like to thank our senior students for displaying strong leadership qualities and for taking the younger students under their care. A true display of a healthy community.

Congratulations to the following students for placing in the top 5 in their age groups:

U/13 Girls: 5th place – Lily T. & Leah-May L.

U/14 Girls: 3rd place – Emmy C.

U/15 Boys: 4th place –  Diara I.

Open Girls: 2nd place – Jasmin P.

Open Boys: 4th place – Jack C.

Overall team result: 6th place.

2 Timothy 4:7. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Volunteers invited to join Canteen team

By Jenny Visser
Canteen Manager

Recess snacks for our College students are a real treat and very popular – from cheesies, pizza cheesies, nacho cups, yogurt or fruit cups – all at very affordable prices.

On occasion we also make tropical or berry fruit smoothies – and on very rare occasions we have mini-pancakes or fruit muffins.

It sure is a rush to serve all the students in the 15-minute timeframe of recess. It sometimes feels like a whirlwind of activity.

Our canteen volunteers enjoy a sit-down and a coffee after recess to get ready for the baskets of lunches we make over the next hour and a half.

What a special team we have – if you would like to be a part of our volunteer rostered team then please email me at or pop in and introduce yourself.

Wellbeing Corner: it’s all about building connections

By the Student Support Team

The Student Support Team introduced activities for students and their younger siblings at this year’s Welcome Feast, which was held on Wednesday 8 March. 

Children engaged in playing with Duplo, play dough, and colouring in.  The Student Support Team look forward to making this a regular part of the Welcome Feast, as we care for College families. 

Heart and Craft for primary school students and Creative Lunchtimes for high school students has been well attended this term. 

Students of all ages have been learning about neuro drawings (doodling).  This creative method is widely used in art therapy and is a relaxing way of drawing.  The high school students have also been using paint pens to draw on a variety of mediums – and learning to crochet. 

Craft is held on Wednesdays (Year 3-4), Thursdays (Year 5-6), and Fridays (Year 1-2) with Mrs Pomery and Friday for high school students with Mrs Abetz. 

This is a great time for the Student Support Team to build relationships with students. 

Future craft will include beading, artwork with inks and Kumihimo (Japanese weaving).

Parents invited to share their stories

We love our Christian teachers — and we value their genuine faith. However, the Australian Law Reform Commission has released a consultation paper which would prevent schools like ours from choosing staff for their active lived faith.  It’s time they heard from some actual parents—like you!

If you value the contribution of Christian staff and teachers, this is your opportunity to have your voice heard. Please visit and send a message to your MP about the difference Christian teachers and staff make in our school.


Friday Mar 24


07:15am – 08:15am. Country Week before-school hockey training in Wonthella

Monday Mar 27


09am – 10am. Yr 7 stroke swimming at Aquarena

1:20pm – 2:45pm. Yr 8 Open Water Swimming at Foreshore

3:10pm – 4:30pm. Country Week boys volleyball training – after school

Tuesday Mar 28

08:40am – 10:30am. Yr9 Sport and Rec Surfing Activities

08:40am – 10:35am. Yr 12 Outdoor Ed Snorkelling

11am – 12pm. Yr 8 PE Open Water Swimming

3:30pm – 5pm. Homework Club (in-Term only and not on public holidays)*

Wednesday Mar 29

11am – 12pm. Yr 9 Water Polo/Swimming at Aquarena

11am – 12:30pm. Yr 7 S&R Bodyboarding

1:30pm – 2:30pm. Yr 10 stroke swimming at Aquarena

2:07pm – 3pm. Primary Assembly PP to Y6 in Hall

3:20pm – 4pm. Maths Support – Years 7 to 12 (in-term only)*

Thursday Mar 30

Homework Club (in-term only and not on public holidays)*

09am – 12pm. Yr 8 Schools Solar Challenge

Friday Mar 31

07:15am – 08:15am. Country Week before-school hockey training in Wonthella

09:30am – 11am. Yr 12 BLW excursion WA Museum Geraldton

1:15pm – 3pm. Yr 10 S&R Surf Lifesaving

3:15pm – 4:15pm. Country Week after school Girls Volleyball Training

Monday Apr 3

3:10pm – 4:30pm. Country Week boys volleyball training – after school

Tuesday Apr 4

08:40am – 10:35am. Yr 12 Outdoor Ed Snorkelling

08:40am – 10:30am. Yr9 Sport and Rec Surfing Activities

11am – 12pm. Yr 8 PE Open Water Swimming

3:30pm – 5pm. Homework Club (in-Term only and not on public holidays)*

5:30pm – 7pm. Secondary Quiz Night (Yrs 7 to 12)

Wednesday Apr 5

11am – 12pm. Yr 9 Water Polo/Swimming at Aquarena

11am – 12:30pm. Yr 7 S&R Bodyboarding

1:30pm – 2:30pm. Yr 10 stroke swimming at Aquarena

3:15pm – 4:15pm. Country Week after school Girls Volleyball Training

3:20pm – 4pm. Maths Support – Years 7 to 12 (in-term only)*

6pm – 7:30pm: Yr 5 and Yr 6 Quiz Night

Thursday Apr 6


Homework Club (in-term only and not on public holidays)*

Friday Apr 7

Good Friday – public holiday

* Parents/guardians must complete an online consent form for their child to participate in after school Homework Club or Maths Support. Please email to request a consent form.



Worldview Australia is live streaming an online  Christian worldview lecture series, from 7.30pm Thursdays fortnightly. 

The series is aimed at training Christian students in Years 10, 11 and 12 to think and live Biblically.

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