Goodbye and God be with you

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Geraldton Christian College
Year 12 graduates of 2022 present teacher and keen cyclist Lindsay Graieg with a parting gift.

Goodbye and God be with you.

They were the parting words of Dr Lindsay Graieg, Biblical Life and Worldview Teacher, to his Year 12 class – pointing out that in old English the two phrases meant one and the same thing.

Speaking at the Year 12 final assembly yesterday, Dr Graieg told the graduates that their teachers all hoped to serve as signposts to each student, pointing them to “the best road to travel”.

“We invite you to continue that journey and finish well,” he said.

Dr Graieg said the pathway to the “good life” was the “God life” – allowing our lives to enter “God’s story”.

To do that he encouraged them to pack three essentials for their life journey: to immerse themselves in the Bible, to pray and to choose companions wisely.

“The Bible is the Word of God, the good book,” he said.

“It’s concrete. It’s real. It’s a true story. It’s the better story.”

Prayer, he said, would get them through any storm — and give them Someone to thank for life’s blessings.

Finally, he encouraged them to consider carefully their companions – those who would influence them along the way.

“You will turn into those who you journey with – so choose wisely!”

Dr Graieg was warmly embraced by his class later during the assembly, after they presented him with gifts – including a pink child’s bicycle in recognition of his love of cycling!

Geraldton Christian College
Dr Graieg is embraced by his Year 12 class.

Geraldton Christian College

Students thank staff for their spiritual impact

The College’s outgoing senior student leaders have paid tribute to the impact of teachers on their spiritual lives – and those of their peers.

Speaking at the Year 12 final assembly yesterday, Head Boy Dylan Mbano offered two pieces of advice for aspiring student leaders.

“Firstly, leaders are servants, so the most important thing to do is to listen,” he said.

“Secondly, no matter what trial you may go through, keep in mind that God always remembers His people.”

Deputy Head Girl Jana Van Staden acknowledged how staff had taught students life was about serving God and others.

“Teachers have had a spiritual impact. It hasn’t just been an educational journey,” she said.

Deputy Head Boy Declan Righton spoke of how teachers had been a “guiding hand” to students, while Head Girl Maddi Bunter talked about the bonds forged among the class through shared trials.

Geraldton Christian College
Acting Principal Sophia de Lange with, from left: Tiana Mwangi, Chanelle Wennekes, Luke Harris and Harry D

2023 Secondary student leaders announced

Members of the 2023 Secondary Student Representative Council were announced at yesterday’s Year 12 final assembly.

They are:

Year 12: Luke Harris, Head Boy; Chanelle Wennekes, Head Girl; Harry D, Deputy Head Boy; Tiana Mwangi, Deputy Head Girl.

Year 11: Ewan J, Lalani M

Year 10: MacKinnley O, Anna E

Year 9: Isabelle B, Anna F

Year 8: Reuben B, Cassie R

Year 7: Leah-May L, Mitch V

Hayden Scally, Deputy Principal  Student Welfare, said council representatives were chosen because they were Godly role models and displayed the fruits of the Spirit.

He thanked the 2022 Secondary Student Representative Council for their “fantastic” contribution.

Geraldton Christian College

Geraldton Christian College

Event celebrates God’s gift of sport

College hockey, netball and soccer teams celebrated the end of the 2022 season on Wednesday night with Sport Presentations.

Thank you to all of the staff and coaches who volunteered their time, the mums, dads and carers for their support and the players for competing with the right attitude.

Director of Sport, Andre Steenekamp, thanked God for the gift of sport – which provided a platform to build healthy and strong communities, positive relationships, character and teamwork.

If your child is not currently involved in one of our teams and is interested in competing in 2023, please email


GCC Hockey

Division 1: Fairest & Best:  James S. Coaches Award: Olivia T.  Most Improved: Walter A. Most Improved: Nina P. Division 2: Fairest & Best: Leah-May L. Coaches Award: Joshua W. Most Improved: Addison P.   

Strath Lions Soccer

Under 6/8 Girls:  Fairest & Best – Liv L. Most Improved – Lilly D B. Coaches Award – Emily D.  Under 8 Boys: Fairest & Best – Isaac V.  Most Improved – Jarrah M.  Coaches Award – Jarvis B.   Under 10 Red: Fairest & Best – James S.  Most Improved – Harleigh L.  Coaches Award – Zac H.  Under 10 Blue: Fairest & Best – Bradley De Beer. Most Improved – Micah B.  Coaches Award – Elliarna L.   Under 12 Blue: Player’s Player – Joshua W. Most Improved – Theresa S. Coaches Award – Reuben B. Fairest & Best – Noah S.  Under 12 Red: Coaches Award – Brax R. Player’s Player – Ridge K. Fairest & Best – Hamish ES.  Most Improved – Sam DK.  Under 14: Player’s Player – Diara I.  Coaches Award – Isaac H. Most Improved – Cassie R. Fairest & Best – Denzel D.   

GCC Netball

Sub-Juniors: Coaches Award – Mylee T. Coaches Award – Emmy A. Fairest & Best – Elizabeth T. Most Improved – Laura H.   Net SET Go (Yr1/2): Coaches Award – Jasmin P. Fairest & Best – Ruby P. Most Improved – Michaela L.  Net SET Go (Yr3/4): Coaches Award – Abi R. Fairest & Best – Gypsy-Lynn WS.  Most Improved – Hannah G. Most Improved – Azarya I.

New uniform reminder

From Term 1 2023, students will be required to wear GCC branded uniform. SCC uniform will no longer be permitted.

Uniform can be purchased from:

  • The Uniform Shop, located in the Front Office at the College (Monday – Friday 3.00pm-3.30pm during school terms)
  • Online – order through

Please refer to the College Uniform Guidelines for more information.

If you have any queries about uniform, please email

Geraldton Christian College

Arcade game design is a science

Bronwyn White
Year 1/2 Teacher

Year 2 students in the year 1/2 class participated in a science inquiry as part of their investigation of push and pull forces. Students, in small groups, had to plan and design an arcade game using these forces.

Then they had to gather the resources (somewhat limited, of course) and create their game. It was a lot of fun, and they worked with little help from the teacher. Some had already learned from their Book Week focus, Rosie Revere Engineer, that sometimes when things don’t work, we just have to try again! Well done, Year 2s!

Geraldton Christian College
Geraldton Christian College
Geraldton Christian College
Geraldton Christian College

Geraldton Christian College

Exploring ‘unity’ in clay creations

Annalise Edwards
Visual Arts Teacher

Toward the end of last term, the Year 10 students were given their clay work task! Clay is always a fun opportunity to slow down, consider the process and engage the senses of sight, smell, and touch! 
Their brief was to consider the principle of design “Unity” and create a set of 2-4 clay pieces that had a unified theme, colour scheme, or pattern design. 

After looking at different art styles, periods and artist over the year so far – this was an opportunity to develop their creativity, choosing their own visual inspiration, structures, and mixture of glazes or acrylic paints to resolve the pieces. 

I am so impressed at how well they turned out and love seeing their personal style come through each design. I am also reminded of the belonging and unity we can find in the body of Christ – all different shapes, colours, and sizes – yet unified and created for one purpose, to make known the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Geraldton Christian College
Geraldton Christian College
Geraldton Christian College
Geraldton Christian College
Geraldton Christian College

Wellbeing Corner: Mrs Dhu is back!

Wellbeing Team

We are pleased to let you know that Mrs Annette Dhu is back on board and working 2 days a week this term. It is wonderful to have Mrs Dhu back, and we are excited about some of the things she is planning for the term.

Mrs Dhu has lots of experience working with Youth and families. She has previously worked in an Indigenous youth program where she was able to support youth in their Social and Emotional Wellbeing. Mrs Dhu has also spent over 20 years supporting families through case work. She is a real asset to our Support Team and Geraldton Christian College. Mrs Dhu loves supporting young people so that they are well informed and able to make better decisions as they reach adulthood – one of her favourite mottos is ‘Prevention is better than a cure’, and she carries this idea through to her work with our students.

Geraldton Christian College
Annette Dhu

This term, Mrs Dhu is jumping in and building connections with students and families. She will be starting an inclusive lunchtime group called ‘Come and Yarn’ for any Secondary girls who are disengaged, would like a yarn or a bit of extra support. Each week Mrs Dhu will be visiting classes around the school to engage with students and staff.

Mrs Dhu is planning to meet with Indigenous families, either over morning tea or afternoon tea this term, to build connections, to see how we can better support our Indigenous families, and to discuss how the families can be engaged with next year’s NAIDOC celebrations. Mrs Dhu will also be setting up some home visits to engage with our Indigenous families.

If you would like to contact Mrs Dhu, or anyone else on our Wellbeing Team, please see the contact information below.

Geraldton Christian College

Students help harvest lettuce from gardens

Wholistic Land Management Coordinator Kelly Harrington reports that it was all go with the harvesting and packaging of the bounty of lettuce grown in the gardens recently.

This time the staff were blessed with the produce.

Geraldton Christian College
Geraldton Christian College

College Calendar

Oct 24

OLNA Writing Tests – Yr 9

09am – 12:45pm. Kojarena defence facility tour Yr 7

11:15am – 3pm. Kojarena defence facility tour Yr 9

Oct 25

3:30pm – 5pm. Homework Club in College Library (in-Term and Yrs 3 to 12 only)*

Oct 26

08:40am – 1:13pm. Year 7 Orientation

12pm – 12:33pm. Teddy Bear picnic (K to Y2)

Oct 27

OLNA Reading Test Yr 9

09am – 3pm. Touch Rugby Clinic Yrs 3 to 7

11:30am – 1:15pm. CANCELLED: Grandfriends Day

3pm – 4pm. Maths Support in College Library (in-Term and Years 7 to 12 only)*

3:30pm – 5pm. Homework Club in Library (in-Term and Years 3 to 12 only)*

Oct 28

Year 12 Final Reports Published; Bandanna Day

Oct 31

WACE Exams

Nov 1

WACE Exams

OLNA Numeracy Test Yr 9

09am – 11am. CANCELLED: Dental screening – PP, Yr 3 and Yr 6

3:30pm – 5pm. Homework Club in College Library (in-Term and Yrs 3 to 12 only)*

Nov 2

WACE Exams

2:06pm – 3pm. Primary Assembly – Pre-Primary presentation

Nov 3

WACE Exams

3pm – 4pm. Maths Support in College Library (in-Term and Years 7 to 12 only)*

3:30pm – 5pm. Homework Club in Library (in-Term and Years 3 to 12 only)*

Nov 4

WACE Exams

09am – 2:50pm. Yr 5 and 6 School Cricket Cup Tournament

Parents/guardians must complete an Operoo eForm giving permission for their child to attend Homework Club or Maths Support. Please email



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