Life’s doorways – and the Doorway to Life

Posted by Gavin Box
Geraldton Christian College
2022 student leaders Declan Righton (deputy head boy), Dylan Mbano (head boy), Maddi Bunter (head girl) and Jana Van Staden (deputy head girl) with Principal Mr Gavin Hirschhausen.

There was plenty of laughter when Geraldton Christian College Year 12 students turned the tables on their teachers on Thursday 21 October.

Students held a traditional trivia quiz to test teachers’ knowledge of their students, after official formalities at the Year 12 final assembly for 2021.

Anything less than a correct answer on the buzzer led to a dousing of talcum powder, flour and “slime”.

No teacher emerged unscathed and a number of students also ended up in the firing line.

Student leaders for 2022 were also announced at the assembly.

They are Declan Righton (deputy head boy), Dylan Mbano (head boy), Maddi Bunter (head girl) and Jana Van Staden (deputy head girl).

Other 2022 Student Council Representatives are: Year 11 – Harry D and Jezarni B; Year 10 – Max H and Nickey M; Year 9 – Jack C and Pamela E; Year 8 – Aiden W and Heidi K; Year 7 – Matthew S and Mackenzie D.

Biblical Life and Worldview Teacher, Mr Lindsay Graieg, addressing students, staff and families, spoke about life’s doorways.

“We believe that we have shown you not just any door but The Door. Jesus described himself figuratively as exactly that. He said, ‘I am the Door’,” Mr Graieg said.

“Jesus also states that he has set before all of us an open door that no one can shut. Jesus offers you an open door through which, if any choose to go through, you will have the promises, the assurance of salvation and good pasture, or a life of blessing.

“So yes, we have shown you the door, and shown you the way to The Door. We say to you that Door is open and we hope that you will choose an abundant life in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Geraldton Christian College
Are they macaroni shells on your head? I mean, on top of the flour, powder and slime?
Geraldton Christian College
Watch out! Someone’s about to get slimed!
Geraldton Christian College
Staff at the ready in the Year 12 trivia quiz.
Geraldton Christian College
There’s a penalty for being too late or giving the wrong answer in the Year 12 trivia quiz.
Geraldton Christian College
Year 12 students celebrate their farewell week in colourful style.

Kindy lesson in sowing and reaping

Kindy students have learned a lesson about sowing and reaping after they helped harvest a potato crop this week.

Mrs Kelly Harrington, Wholistic Land Management Coordinator, said 1 kg of seed potatoes, planted five months ago, had yielded a 10kg crop.

Students were able to easily harvest the potatoes, which had been planted in a no-dig garden covered with hay.

Mrs Harrington said there was still another crop to be harvested from the planting, which was expected to be more than 10 kg.

Geraldton Christian College
Mrs Harrington and Kindy students with the harvested potatoes.


Building a sports counter-culture

Hundreds of people turned out for the annual Geraldton Christian College Sports Presentation Night on Wednesday.

Awards were handed out for fairest and best, coaches award and most improved categories across various age divisions in hockey, netball and soccer.

Mr Andre Steenekamp, Geraldton Christian College Physical Education Coordinator, told the gathering that sporting talent and the opportunity to play and participate in sport was a gift from God.

“It is a beautiful and fun opportunity to glorify Him through the way we play, coach and conduct ourselves on and off the sports field,” he said.

“Yes, we play to the best of our ability and to win, but we aim to play and coach with patience, fairness, unselfishness, teamwork, respect, love for others and humility, which are counter-cultural in today’s world of sport.

“When we demonstrate these characteristics we show Jesus, our number one fan, to the world. In doing so, we add value to a broken society.

“Let’s keep on giving thanks to our Father in heaven for sporting opportunities and let’s keep on making a difference in His name.”

The evening concluded with guests enjoying a meal of pizza provided by the College.

2021 Award recipient list

Soccer: Strath Lions

U/6: All players given ‘Strath Lions Champion’ gold medals; U/8: Fairest & Best – Asher L; Coaches Award – Esmae W-S; Most Improved – Jamin T;
U/10: Fairest & Best – Brax R; Coaches Award – Henry F; Most Improved – Braydon F. U/10: Fairest & Best – Hamish E-S; Coaches Award – Leon S; Most Improved – Addison P.
U/12: Fairest & Best – Archie R; Coaches Award – Levi P; Most Improved – Soren W;
U/14: Fairest & Best – Denbi H; Coaches Award – Macklin H; Most Improved – Isaac H; U/16: Fairest & Best – Kristian S; Coaches Award – Emmanuel R; Most Improved – Allan B.

Hockey: Strath Hockey

Division 1: Fairest & Best – Kian S; Coaches Award – Noah S; Most Improved – Lily T. Division 2: Fairest & Best – Brax R; Coaches Award – Chase O; Most Improved – Keely C.

Gold Sticks: All players given ‘GCC Gold Sticks Champion’ gold medals.

Netball: Strath Netball 2021

Year 6: Fairest & Best – Sahba H; Coaches Award – Charlotte R; Most Improved – Leilani T.

Year 4/5: Fairest Best – Georgia S; Coaches Award – Gypsy-Lynn W-S; Most Improved – Hannah G.

Geraldton Christian College
Soccer players and coaches.
Geraldton Christian College
Netball players and coaches.
Geraldton Christian College
Hockey players and coaches

Student wins gold and bronze in interstate gymnastics

A Geraldton Christian College Primary student is reaping the rewards of developing her God-given gymnastics talents.

Stella B was selected to represent WA in the Northern Territory Championships last month, after making the top six in the Western Australian Regional Championships.

Stella took out third place overall for level four in the Northern Territory competition, winning gold on beam, bronze on floor and placing fourth on the uneven bar.

She competed against clubs from the Northern Territory, Queensland and South Australia.

Stella has been a gymnast with Batavia Coast Gymnastics since she was three years old and has been competing since the age of six.

Well done, Stella.

Geraldton Christian College
Stella in her WA uniform and with her medals

Team delivers ‘best wall in WA!’

By Andre Steenekamp
Physical Education Coordinator

A big shout out to Mr Lonsdale and Mr Harrington for joining forces and combining their expertise to complete the new berm wall, aka ‘Jericho’, on the College mountain bike track.

The pressure was on to complete the project before the Term 3 Mountain Bike Festival and these two fine gentleman delivered with an unselfish “can do” attitude to get the job done on time.

Needless to say, the feature is a hit with the local mountain bike community, pushing the limits for those seeking an adrenalin fix, or advanced skill acquisition in the sport.

The students and community can’t get enough of this new feature and word on the street from the mountain bike community is that this is the best “wall” in WA!

Thank you, GCC community.

Geraldton Christian College
Mr Lonsdale and Mr Harrington at the berm, with a great view to the Moresby Ranges.
Geraldton Christian College
Mr Harrington and Mr Lonsdale inspect the berm.

Christmas joy for more than 50 children!

Thank you to all of the families who supported the College’s participation in the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child appeal.

Your generous donations led to about 55 boxes of gifts for children in third world countries.

Members of the Primary school Student Representative Council helped with the appeal by boxing up the gifts.

The boxes have since been delivered to the Salvation Army Geraldton, the local collection point for the appeal, for transport to Perth and distribution overseas.

Each box will include toys, hygiene items, school supplies and fun gifts.

After receiving their gift, children have the opportunity to enrol in The Greatest Journey – a 12-lesson Bible study, a 12-lesson Bible study that guides them through what it means to follow Jesus Christ.

Geraldton Christian College
Student council members packed shoeboxes for shipment

Last chance to buy a bandanna

Students and staff are invited to participate in Bandanna Day next Friday 29 October, by purchasing a bandanna ($5) from Student Services.

Bandannas are available for purchase now.

Funds raised will help Canteen support young people affected by cancer.

Students and staff are also encouraged to wear their bandannas to school on Friday 29 October.

Anyone taking part is advised to purchase their bandanna before 29 October, as they typically sell out prior.

Geraldton Christian College
Bandannas are for sale now from Student Services, but get in quick!

Nature playground ‘phase one’ a hit with students

Students have embraced phase one of the Primary School nature playground, which was completed during the recent school holidays.

Contracted cabinetmaker, jack of all trades and now master of playgrounds, Mr Harri Harrington, crafted the playground using locally-sourced large timber tree trunks.

The playground is built at a good height to test students’ hand-eye coordination and encourage them to explore the outdoors.

Students are pictured here enjoying the new addition to the campus facilities.

Watch this space for the next nature playground instalment.

Geraldton Christian College
Students explore the nature playground.
Geraldton Christian College
The nature playground is a hit with students.

Enrol now for 2022 Instrumental Music Program

By Kate Wheat
Instrumental Music Program Coordinator

A reminder that students who are currently enrolled in the program will be automatically rolled over into next year’s program. If you would like to withdraw, please email me at before the end of term to avoid fees begin charged to your account.

New students interested in joining the IMP in 2022 are asked to please email me at before the end of term to enquire or organise an enrolment form.

Geraldton Christian College
Mr Geoff Edwards, College Business Manager

‘Resting in God’s promises’

When did you start working at the College? July 2017, however also worked here as the Bursar (same position, different name) from February 1999 to December 2007.

Where and when did you obtain your qualifications? Have managed to get through life with minimal qualifications. Achieved Leaving and Matriculation levels at Year 12, and also hold a Certificate in Local Government (Clerk) from TAFE.

For those who don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself. How would you describe yourself? Quiet and reserved until I get to know people, when I do come out of my shell. I think most people would list my loud laugh as being very much a part of me, and I am generally fairly laid back and try not to take things too seriously – unless the situation is such that I do need to take it seriously.

What is your background and what did you do before you came to the College? Prior to switching my career to Christian schools in 1999, I had spent 27 years in local government – progressing from Receptionist/Librarian to Shire Clerk.

Where were you born and where have you lived before coming to Geraldton (assuming you weren’t born and raised here)? I was born in East Fremantle and spent the first nine years of my life in Koongamia (a suburb in Perth at the bottom of Greenmount). From there we moved to Marble Bar where I completed my Primary schooling and then went to Guildford Grammar for five years for Secondary School and returned to Marble bar and obtained a job in the Shire and worked for six years. My work then took me to Mukinbudin, Three Springs, Nabawa, Geraldton, Perth and back to Geraldton.

In a nutshell, what has been your journey of faith? It is a long story, I will try to make it short. Born in the 1950s to non-church going parents, it was still the norm to send your children Sunday School, which both me and my siblings did growing up in both Perth and Marble Bar. I spent five years at an Anglican Church school but did not have a relationship with Jesus, although I did know the Bible reasonably well. I met my future wife in Marble Bar (she was visiting her sister and brother-in-law up there). Rose was a Christian and although we built a very strong friendship she had made it clear that there was no marriage prospect. When she was successful in getting a teaching job in Port Hedland I would visit her regularly and eventually went to the Baptist Church with her. I then went with her to the Easter Convention in Wittenoom in 1978, where I gave my heart to the Lord. The rest, as they say, is history. I immediately applied for a job in Mukinbudin and was successful – and Rose and I were married at the end of 1978.

What would be the key life-shaping lesson you have learned about God/Christian discipleship, etc? Probably two main things – firstly our plans are not necessarily God’s plans, or probably more specifically the timing of our plans are not necessarily God’s timing for His plans for us. In addition to this Romans 8:28 is a verse that has continually popped up in my readings and church messages this year and it is said to be the greatest promise in the Bible: “And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose”.

Greatest joy of your life? Definitely getting married and the birth of my two daughters and subsequently my grandchildren.

Toughest time of your life and how God helped you through it? Again an easy one to answer – the passing of my wife Rose in October 2010 after a 12 month battle with cancer. Our plans had been to move to Perth to be near the girls and our grandson, and for Rose to spend a lot more time with her three sisters as she had been living apart from them for many years. God’s plan was different, and I know that it was the love of God, my girls, Rose’s sisters, the Church family, Thornlie Christian College family and other friends and family which enabled me to get through this tough time.

Recreation/hobbies/interests? “When I am not working, the things I love most to do are…”: Being a passive watcher of many sports, both live and on TV – although mainly Aussie Rules, cricket, tennis and basketball. Although people who know me and have been to a sporting event with me would never call my supporting passive.

A little known thing about you? “People may be surprised to discover that I…”: Am going to remarry when International travel resumes and either I can go to Malaysia or my fiancé can travel to Australia.

You’re retiring at the end of this year. What are your plans? I am “retiring” … I put that in inverted commas due to my response to the question on life-shaping lessons I have learned. My fiancé, Annie, who I mentioned in my previous little known fact, and I were engaged in November 2019 and planned to marry in May 2020, but COVID intervened. My planning for the future at this stage does not extend beyond actually having that marriage happen as soon as it is possible. Annie has a daughter in Perth, one in Malaysia and another in Holland, as well as her extended family in Malaysia – so travel is most likely on the horizon in the years to come. But who knows in this crazy world we live in at the moment? The only constants we have is that God is in control, and God works for the good of those who love Him. Annie and I will rest in these promises and remain patient.

Geraldton Christian College
Annie and Geoff.

Wanted to rent: caravan

Geraldton Christian College Library Manager Denise du Boulay would like to rent a caravan over the Christmas break to use as an extra bedroom.

Mrs du Boulay says she is happy to pay to rent the caravan and that it will be well looked after.
Needed from 23 December to 2 January.

Please contact Mrs du Boulay at the library or by emailing

Geraldton Christian College

Prayer for the College

The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with. James 5:16 (MSG)

Parents are invited to join a small group every Monday to uphold the College in prayer. The group meets from 8.45am to 9.15am. Register at administration office, then proceed to the Primary lunch tables or staff room (depending on weather), and look for Kelly Harrington, Prayer Coordinator and Wholistic Land Management Coordinator.


23 October: Yr 12 Graduation and Valedictory Dinner (ticketed events).
29 October: Bandanna Day.
1 to 11 November: WACE Exams
8 to 12 November: Yr 10-11 Exams
15 to 19 November: Yr 7-9 Exams
20 November: Yr 12 Ball (ticketed event)
For more details, visit the Parent Calendar.


Christian Uni Accommodation in Perth for 2022

Fusion Homebase Accommodation service in Perth are now accepting bookings for 2022.

Accommodation is provided in two four-bedroom homes just 2.5km from Curtin Uni and close to public transport for the other Unis. 

There is a mentor tenant in each house to provide support to students and to assist in making the transition to life in Perth. 

Houses are drug and alcohol free and are intended for Christian students to support them in their move to Perth. Cost $180/week covers rent, utilities and internet.

For information and an application form email or call 0412 107 716.

WAAPA Summer School 2022

Join us on campus at WAAPA in January 2022! This summer WAAPA is offering a range of performing arts courses as part of our school holiday program for secondary school students.

Classes for young people from Year 7 to 12 in Acting, Drama, Screen performance, Jazz and Music Theatre mean there is something for everyone with a passion for the arts. Staff cater for all abilities and experience levels.

For information visit or contact Gabrielle Metcalf at or 9370 6775.

Academic Group Term 4 – Tuition & Master Classes – Enrolments Now Open

• Term 4 – Tuition Classes for Years 11-12 and Tuition for Middle School Year 7-10
Receive one-on-one support from experienced and qualified school teachers to improve understanding and boost school results. Term 4 Tuition Classes (11 October – 28 October 2021)

• Term 4 – ATAR Master Classes for Years 11-12
Specialised courses to help your child maximise their grades and strive for a top ATAR score.
Term 4 Master Classes (11 October – 26 October 2021)

To enrol go to or call 9314 9500 or email

Short film competition

Nextwave Youth Short Film Competition, open to anyone in Australia between the ages of 10-25.

Submissions deadline extended to 12 November 2021. There is more than $30,000 in prizes to be won, including prizes for Best School.

To enter go to How do I enter? – Nextwave Film Festival