College surfers make WA final

Posted by Gavin Box
Geraldton Christian College
Mr Roffman with Imogen, right, and Edel, who won the senior girls surfing division. Picture: Keith Roffman
Geraldton Christian College
The College boys bodyboarding teams: Max, Drew, James and Macklin. Picture: Keith Roffman

Two teams from Geraldton Christian College have made the State finals after wins in the Mid West Regional Round of the Sun Smart Schools Surfing Titles at Back Beach this week.
Imogen and Edel won the senior girls surfing, while Drew and Max won the junior boys bodyboarding.
They will now progress to the State finals in Perth on Friday 27 August.
The College put in a strong performance at the regional round, with another two boys, Macklin and James, runners-up in the junior boys bodyboarding and making the semis in the junior boys surfing.
The College, which was represented by five College students and one student from Leaning Tree Steiner School, finished second overall in the competition between four Geraldton schools.
“Very proud of how the team members handled themselves in the big and beautiful conditions,” Sport & Rec Teacher Keith Roffman said.
“Thanks to Surfing WA for their commitment to promoting surfing through schools and the other local high schools for their participation.
“We would love to see more teams entered next year! God bless!”
Thirty-six teams and 72 competitors took part in the regional round.
Geraldton Grammar School finished third overall, while Geraldton Senior High School took fourth position.
Surfing WA events manager Justin Majeks congratulated all of the winners and wished them all the best in the State finals.
“Well done to Keith and the team for a solid performance,” he said.
“I look forward to seeing the team in Perth at the end of the month.”

Geraldton Christian College
Max and Drew at the presentation ceremony. Picture: Keith Roffman
Geraldton Christian College
Catching a wave during the regional heats. Picture: Keith Roffman

Geraldton Christian College
Jamelia and Esther share some food with Mrs de Lange. Picture: Gavin Box


The art of giving in a me-focussed world

Students routinely demonstrate their faith in practical ways, encouraging staff and making others sit up and take notice.
Derek Goforth’s Year 10 Food Technology class this week made damper, with a side serving of carrot, cheese, deli meat, jam and honey.
But what really sweetened the occasion was when a number of students took the initiative to share their culinary creations.
Jamelia and Esther took a plate to Deputy Principal Curriculum Sophia de Lange, while Luke and Braydon brought a plate to front office staff.
Mrs de Lange said she often received positive feedback from adults, in and outside of the College, who were impressed by the counter-cultural attitudes of our students.
Well done!

Geraldton Christian College
Rachel Monster with Estella. Picture: Gavin Box

Rachel Monster, Personnel Officer

Start date at Geraldton Christian College: June 2021
For those who don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself. How would you describe yourself, etc (in a few brief sentences): I’m a wife and a Mum. I love a chat and getting to know people. I want to do the best I can in my life.
What is your background and what did you do before you came to Geraldton Christian College: I worked as Office Manager at Eastman Poletti Sherwood for eight years. My background is varied in many ways as I have worked in IT, Financial Planning and Engineering.
Where were you born and where have you lived before coming to Geraldton (assuming you weren’t born and raised here)? Born in Wangaratta, Victoria and raised in Myrtleford (45 minutes up the road). Before I came to Geraldton I lived in Melbourne. Geraldton is a truly blessed place to live.
In a nutshell, what has been your journey of faith? Have you always been a Christian? If not, how did this come about (briefly): I was raised in Christian home but walked away when I was fifteen. God didn’t seem real to me. When I moved to Geraldton in my thirties my parents were going to Church and I went along and I haven’t looked back. I am eternally grateful that my parents were relentless in praying me back into the Kingdom of God.
What would be the key life-shaping lesson you have learned about God/Christian discipleship, etc: Ensuring we put the Lord first in our life. Our life needs to be pleasing to Him.
Greatest joy of your life? My family. It is such a blessing when I hear my children singing the Lord when they are playing together or in the car.
Toughest time of your life and how God helped you through it? My daughter Estella was diagnosed with a critical illness at four weeks and has since gone through a lot in her short life. It has taught me to rest in God’s promises. His ways are higher, His ways are perfect and our faith is in Him.
Recreation/hobbies/interests. “When I am not teaching, the things I love most to do are…”: My husband tells me that my kids are my hobbies. 😊. However, I love a project and that is renovating houses.
A little known thing about you. “People may be surprised to discover that I…”: Am a grandmother. My step-son and his fiancé are in their twenties and have a little boy. He is so treasured by my kids.


New families arriving all the time

We continue to receive regular inquiries from families about enrolments, which is fantastic news.
Typically, these families have been referred to the school by current College families.
So on behalf of all the team here, we just want to say thank you.
We believe in Christian education, recognise the great things God is doing here and the blessing of a K-12 Christian school, with Christian teachers, on a beautiful campus, right here in Geraldton.
we are so glad that you see that too and share that good news with others.

Geraldton Christian College
Students are invited to submit entries for the Yearbook cover design competition.

Students, get creative!

Students from Kindergarten to Year 12 are invited to enter an art competition to design the cover of the 2021 Geraldton Christian College Yearbook.
Designs must be either:
• Two A4-sized pages of portrait orientation (one for the front cover and the other for the back cover).
• Or one A3-sized page, of landscape orientation, which would wrap around the front and back of the Yearbook. The left side of the design would appear on the back and the right side of the design would appear on the front.
Please be aware the College will superimpose the Yearbook title and the school logo on the front page design.
Designs can be made with pencils, coloured marker pens, paint or computer-generated. Creativity and colour are the keys (and minimal white space)!
The student with the winning entry will receive a voucher for art materials to the value of $100 and have their name printed on the cover art work.
Entries must be received at Student Services by 3.00pm Friday 27 August.
A form with entrant details will need to be attached to artwork on submission at Student Services (forms available on request).
If you have any questions, please email Fiona Davidson, Executive Assistant to the Principal:
* Terms and conditions: One entry per student. Entries will be judged by Geraldton Christian College Senior Executive staff, on the criteria of originality, creativity and overall design appeal. Entry implies consent to be published in the Yearbook and in online versions of the school newsletter.

Geraldton Christian College
Education IS a religious activity. All of life is sacred in the biblical worldview.


Warning: Bible may dispel religious thinking

By Gavin Box
Geraldton Christian College Communications Officer

There should maybe be a warning label on the Bible.
There are three passages in the New Testament that can, if you let them, clean out religious thinking like no-one’s business.
I should know. I went to public schools for most of my primary and secondary years and became a true believer in what I can only describe as the religion of secular humanism.
Hang on, I hear you say, public schools aren’t religious.
Now that all depends on your definition of religion.
We could say religion only relates to people who worship a divine being.
We could say religion only relates to people who hold to statements of faith in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.
But the truth is, we all hold to a set of firmly-held beliefs about life, the world and our place in it – even if you regard yourself as a dyed-in-the-wool atheist.
Author Mike Goheen illustrates this beautifully.
If you’re familiar with the Apostle’s Creed, you’ll probably enjoy his take on Western culture today:
I believe in the ability and sovereignty of man.
I believe that man, apart from God, can solve the problems of our world and build a better one.
I believe in science almighty.
I believe in the power of human reason, disciplined by the scientific method to understand, control and shape our world.
I believe in a technological and a rational society, its only begotten sons (should they so choose to identify as such), which have the power to renew our world.
I believe in the spirit of progress and that a science-based technology and a rationally organised society will enable me to realise my ultimate human goal; freedom, justice, happiness and the comforts of material abundance.
To this I commit myself with all my time, energy and money.

My own very narrow view of the world as part-secular and part-sacred was blown to pieces when, as a convert to Christianity, I heard Australian author Richard Edlin speak about Christian education in the 1990s.
Edlin, who formerly headed up the National Institute of Christian Education, identified how the “secular” Western education system is not religiously neutral.
He told how its curriculum and its goals are framed by the doctrine (you heard right) of secular humanism – no less “religious” than Christianity.
A key quote from his book, The Cause of Christian Education: “Education is a religious activity. The practice of it will be an expression of worship, either of the Creator or the Creature”.
He also shared three Bible passages – Romans 12:1, 2 Corinthians 10:5 and Colossians 1.
These speak of the need for Christians to constantly renew their minds according to a biblical view of the world and to remember Jesus Christ’s lordship should extend over every single area of life, including the education of our children.
Protestant reformer John Calvin said the Scriptures are the spectacles through which believers should seek to understand the world.
Abraham Kuyper, Prime Minister of the Netherlands from 1901 to 1905, built on this theme proclaiming: “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!”
Not one square inch!
Authors Chris Parker, Dr Ken Dickens, Dr Geoff Beech and Dr Charlie Justins, in the book Authentic Christian Education, further unpack the false mindset that exists around separation of “secular” and “sacred”, particularly as it relates to schools:
Some parents believe that education is a non-religious enterprise, that 2 + 2 = 4 is true whether you are a Christian or not and therefore the issue of believing in God has nothing to do with learning and skills acquisition.
This approach separates the spiritual side of life from the secular as though living in God’s world was like living in a double-storey apartment with the secular, non-religious side of life on the bottom floor – education, business, sport (the “really” real stuff) and the spiritual stuff on the top floor – going to church, praying, reading the Bible and caring for others.
This approach is sometimes labelled “dualism”.

There are so many “isms” at play in culture today: consumer-ism, secular human-ism, economic rational-ism. The list goes on.
Does it matter? It matters because ideas have consequences, both for ourselves and others, leading our lives in directions either away from or towards God.
From a Biblical point of view, every “ism” is a man-made idol which seeks to answer three questions: humanity’s origins – or, who are we; the most fundamental problem facing humanity – what is the problem; and what is the salvation for humanity – or the solution.
As Christians, we are called to constantly pull down the idols in our lives by reassessing what “isms” we have bought into, recognise the lordship of Jesus Christ over all things and, with gentleness and respect, point the way forward for others. This is “Learning God’s Way”.

  • Agree or strongly disagree? I’d like to hear your thoughts. Please email me at to keep the conversation going. The basis for this article was drawn, in part, from the course Authentic Christian Education. Thirty five members of staff from the College completed the course last Friday for professional development. If you or someone you know is interested in doing the course, please email Dr Lindsay Graieg at Course cost is $100, plus $20 for handbook. The course is FREE for members of the Geraldton Christian Community Schools Association.

Coming up on campus

2 to 6 August: NAIDOC Week
3 August: Primary parent teacher meetings (3.20pm-5.00pm and 6.00pm-8.00pm)
4 August: Secondary parent teacher meetings (3.20pm-5.00pm and 6.00pm-8.00pm)
6 August: Secondary Athletics Carnival at Little Athletics Centre, Wonthella (8.40am-3.00pm).
9 August: Instrumental Music Program Concert in the Hall (3.15pm to 4.30pm)
10 August: Kindy parents morning tea (9.00am to 11.00am)
13 August: Year 10 Student Health Academy at WA Centre for Rural Health, Beachlands
14 to 20 August: Yr 10 Carnarvon Mission Trip
For more information, visit the Parent Calendar on the website:


Youth Alive: Free event, but online registration essential for admittance.
August 13th. Sun City Christian Centre.

School photographs by Kapture Photography

A reminder from Kapture Photography that all portraits and class groups, sports and/or special team photos taken this year are still available for purchase.  Sports and or special group photos will not be available for viewing and purchase after this school year.  Please visit using our school code: 2EHHQV

St Lawrence’s Primary School theatre production, Mary Poppins Jr, Saturday 18 August, 1pm and 5pm, at QPT. Tickets $15.

Centacare Family Services will hold Road Maps to My Emotions (emotional regulation for children) workshops soon. Parent information sessions will be held on 3 August 2021 at 10:00am – 12:00pm and 4 August 2021 at 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Following this, the weekly workshop will begin on 11 August 2021 (ages 7 to 9). Workshops will run for five weeks. Enquiries: Justin Chan, Family Counsellor, on 9921 1433.

The Coffs Coast’s Screenwave International Film Festival is looking for the next wave of young filmmakers.
Enter a short film into the Nextwave Youth Film Competition for your chance to win awards and prizes, including Best School, and have your film premiere at SWIFF 2022 on the Coffs Coast.
If you like being creative, and want to have a go at filmmaking, SWIFF wants to see what you can do.
The rules are simple:
• Make a film under five minutes
• Include a pineapple
• Enter before 12 October
For full terms and conditions, visit