Week 2, Term 2, 2021

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Keys to building trust

By Sophia de Lange, Acting Principal

How do we create trust? By straight talking, confronting reality and listening first.

Jesus taught us to talk straight, to be honest, to be slow to speak and quick to listen. He symbolises trust.  To trust creates an environment where we can trust and can be trusted, as modelled by Jesus.

Talk straight. This is honesty in action, based on the principles of integrity and honesty.  Both principles are vital in building trust. Be honest, tell the truth, don’t leave false impressions. Half-truths can cause pain and disappointment for others.

Confront reality. Have the hard conversations. Do not shy away from the real issues. Tackling tough issues head-on is important if we are to create transparency and build trust.  This requires courage, responsibility, awareness and respect. 

Listen first. This requires an awareness of the needs of others. It can only be established if we have ears to listen and are slow to speak.  Staying low on the ladder of inference is not possible if we do not listen first and seek to understand the other person’s thoughts, feelings and experiences. The ability to put yourself in the other person’s place is the key to better relationships.  To truly understand another person’s point of view we have to listen with our ears, eyes and heart.  Never assume you know what matters most to others.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

Geraldton Christian College
Newly-appointed Student Support Counsellor Annette Dhu. Behind Annette is one of a large number of Aboriginal artworks, kindly donated to the College by outgoing Geraldton MLA Ian Blayney

Meeting God ‘changes everything’

Name: Annette Dhu.

What is your position at Geraldton Christian College? Student Support Counsellor.

Did you study for the position? If so, what is your qualification and where did you study? Diploma of Counselling and Diploma of Community Services (Mental Health) at Marr Mooditj Training, Perth.

When did you start working at Geraldton Christian College? 21 April.

For those who don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself. How would you describe yourself? I’m a wife, a mother of four and a grandmother of four. I love having fellowship and talking about God. I’m friendly, approachable and love meeting new people and becoming friends.

What is your background and what did you do before you came to Geraldton Christian College? I have always worked in the social wellbeing area. Before coming here, I worked at Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service (GRAMS) as a social health worker: communicating with the community; supporting; advocating; counselling; and getting to know the community, what their needs are and what they need help with.

Where were you born and where have you lived before coming to Geraldton (assuming you weren’t born and raised here)? I was born in Subiaco, Perth. I spent my early years in Geraldton, moved to South Hedland in 1974 and returned home to Geraldton in 2006. I am a Naaguja woman (maiden name Councillor) and I have links to South Hedland through my husband who is a Banjima man from the Pilbara area.

In a nutshell, what has been your journey of faith? Have you always been a Christian? If not, how did this come about? I became a Christian at 15 years of age while attending a church youth group. My sister was in the church and as teenagers she talked to us a lot about God. There is hope for our teenagers. They can get to know God. He never leaves you or forsakes you, so there’s always hope. My journey wasn’t always perfect, but He was always there.

What would be the key life-shaping lesson you have learned about God/Christian discipleship, etc, that you would like to impart to young people? “If I could teach students one thing, it would be …”: I would ask them to get to know who God is. That can say a lot of things. When young people investigate that, it will open doors for them to know Him more. God is a lot of things, but most of all He is love and love can move mountains.

What was the greatest joy of your life? Meeting God. It was a lifeline for me — because of our history, our hardship and crises that had been passed down. Meeting God changed everything for me.

Recreation/hobbies/interests? “When I am not teaching, the things I love most to do are…”: I like watching movies. True stories. I like to try to find out what God’s part is in these stories. I like to see how God intervenes in these stories to shape our lives and to see how things go according to His plan.

Anything else you would like to add? I am looking forward to getting to know the College community (parents, staff and especially the children). I look forward to getting to know them and for them to get to know me — and to be a support for them in their schooling.

Geraldton Christian College
We’re excited! We’re going for a trip to the library and the beach. Pictures: Nateeka White, Geraldton Christian College

Library and beach trip

By Brenda Pattenden, Kindergarten Teacher

The Kindy class went on an excursion to the Geraldton Regional Library this week.  Many Kindy parents joined us and were able to see what our local library has to offer to the community.  In addition, some parents have now arranged for their children to become library members. Hopefully this wonderful community service will be utilised, as it is so beneficial to Geraldton as a whole.

Mrs Joanne Morgan, who works at the library, read a wonderful children’s story to the Kindy class and had them so engaged throughout!  She then gave the children their very own “Better Beginnings” story pack, which included the wonderful story she had just read!  The Kindy children were delighted and enjoyed looking around at the different books and DVDs the library has available for loan.

After that, we ventured onto the Midalia Beach Park for a picnic and a “play”.  Once again, the parents joined us and were able to share wonderful quality time together as a Kindy parent community.  It’s always wonderful to see friendships forming with children and parents alike.

It was a wonderful opportunity that encapsulates our Biblical thread for the term – “Building Community”.

Geraldton Christian College
The lady at the library liked to meet us. Pictures: Nateeka White, Geraldton Christian College
Geraldton Christian College
Storytime at the Geraldton Regional Library. Pictures: Nateeka White, Geraldton Christian College
Geraldton Christian College
Storytime at the Geraldton Regional Library. Pictures: Nateeka White, Geraldton Christian College
Geraldton Christian College
Enjoying a snack at the playground. Pictures: Nateeka White, Geraldton Christian College
Geraldton Christian College
Enjoying a snack at the playground. Pictures: Nateeka White, Geraldton Christian College
Geraldton Christian College
Enjoying a snack at the playground. Pictures: Nateeka White, Geraldton Christian College


Caring for creation

By Ann Westerink, Pre-Primary Teacher

In Pre-Primary, we have been learning the importance of caring for the world God has given us. Some students were given the task of creating a zoo with habitats and homes for the animals to live in. The habitats were creative and innovative, showing that our future leaders will be thoughtful and caring.  

Geraldton Christian College
Isaac with his zoo enclosure
Geraldton Christian College
Isaac’s zoo enclosure.
Geraldton Christian College
Abigail with the big cat and penguin exhibit
Geraldton Christian College
Khloe with the big cats

On the first day of Term 2, our Pre-Primary team were wide-eyed and tickled pick to see the students again – as our photo shows!

Geraldton Christian College
Ann Westerink, Clarissa Hargreaves and Claire Little.


Hitting the trail

Secondary Teacher Keith Roffman shared some photos of his Year 10 Sport and Recreation class, as they took to the Chapman River this week for some mountain bike riding.

Geraldton Christian College
Paige Carslake
Geraldton Christian College
Kristian Steenekamp
Geraldton Christian College
Zadian Janse Van Rensburg

Thanks Keith for sharing!

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 2 Tim 1:7


What’s it all about anyway?

“For so many years, I strived to be strong in myself, (thinking) all I needed was me and my buddies and we’d be invincible. But the truth is none of us are.”
Bear Grylls, adventurer

If you’ve ever wondered about the big questions of life, then the Alpha course is for you.

Alpha is a relaxed way to explore how Christian faith addresses those big questions.

It’s a journey you take with others, over dessert and coffee, without pressure or obligation to become a Christian.

And, even better, it’s free.

START DATE: Wednesday 28 April 2021. Meeting every Wednesday for Term 2. TIME: 6.15pm. NOTE: Even though the course has started, newcomers are most welcome.

LOCATION: Edland Community Library, Geraldton Christian College, 15 Cedar Crescent, Strathalbyn.

CONTACT: Kelly Harrington 0448 837 214, Bron White 0430 183 914 or Shaun Krause 0499 165 685.


Privacy Policy update

The College has updated its Privacy Policy, which can be viewed on the website here.  If you have any queries, please send an email to fiona.davidson@gcc.wa.edu.au.

Uniform update

Our Uniform supplier has advised that competition for freight on flights to Australia from China is fierce at the moment.  The new College jackets are in transit and are expected to arrive in Geraldton on 11 May or12 May (possibly a little earlier). 

Polo shirts, tracksuit pants and socks left China on 26th April.  Usual transit time is about 10 days, but with the current freight issues they will most likely take a bit longer to get here.  We will keep you informed as uniform arrives and becomes available to order.

Fiona Davidson, Executive Assistant to Principal

Coming up

2-5 May: Year 11/12 Outdoor Education Coral Bay camp
5-7 May: Year 11/12 Biology camp
3-7 May: Pre-Primary swimming lessons at The Aquarena
11-14 May: NAPLAN
13 May: Secondary outdoor cinema night
14 May: Interhouse cross country
19 May: Secondary info night for Years 4-6
24-28 May: Year 12 exams
25 May: Year 9/10 Subject Selection Evening
26-27 May: ACC cross country, Perth

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