Week 1 Term 1 2021

Posted by Fiona Davidson

Christian education,
the great adventure

Geraldton Christian College

Gavin Hirschhausen

I’d like to welcome new and returning families to Geraldton Christian College, in what is the great adventure of Christian education.

Some think of Christian education as a prayer at the start of a lesson, or the occasional church service for students. It is much, much more than that.

There is a  “secular versus spiritual” myth today which would have us believe there are parts of life that are for God (church attendance, prayer time, Bible reading, etc) and parts of life that are secular or “real world” (work, entertainment, family … and school).

From a Biblical perspective, ALL of life comes under God. The Apostle Paul, writing to the church in Colossae, said this: “For in Him (Jesus Christ) all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rules or authorities; all things have been created through Him and for Him.”

He is the authority and has something to say about every area of life.

Abraham Kuyper said this: “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of human existence over which Christ, who is sovereign over all, does not cry, ‘Mine!’”.

The great adventure of Christian education is in discovering how every area of learning speaks of the greatness and goodness of our God.

The great adventure of Christian education is in discovering how every area of learning speaks of the greatness and goodness of our God.

How every area of life can be brought to Him.

Agreeing with this truth is the first step. Then comes peace in the knowledge revealed in the incredible design and of the world that inspires us to worship, to have a deeper devotion and guides our walk with God.

It’s a journey we are all on, as students, teachers and parents,  even if our formal education has ended.

Talk regularly with your kids about what they are learning.

As Christians, you will find there is a beautiful alignment between what you are teaching your kids at home about authority, respect, safety, truth and freedoms, and what they are being taught in the classroom at Geraldton Christian College.

If you’re not a Christian parent, but have a child here, I’m sure you have chosen us because you are aligned with strong values and common-sense truths.

You are a very welcome part of our College community and I encourage you also to explore what Jesus Christ has to say about life and our world.

To all of you, may God richly bless you and your families in 2021.

Geraldton Christian College kidding around
Ben Phillips kidding around with the latest addition to the Geraldton Christian College Sustainable Agricultural Management program

No kidding,

it’s a baby boy!

There was a lot of excitement around the Sustainable Agricultural Management program this past week, with a new arrival in our goat herd.

The College has three goats, along with ducks, chickens and golden perch, which have their home in a small one-acre farm on the grounds, dotted with fruit trees.

Wholistic Land Management Coordinator Kelly Harrington says the program is about teaching students to care for, use and enjoy God’s creation.

Mrs Harrington and the team are progressively introducing fruit and vegetables into the College garden beds, turning formerly unused spaces into productive ones.

A prime example is at Kindergarten. Anyone walking past the playground would have noticed the watermelon and zucchini plants producing beautifully.

GWN7 weather with Yr 6

Mr Jared Grimsley’s Year 6 class are taking their meteorology studies to a larger audience, thanks to SciTech and GWN7.

During Term 1, students are monitoring local minimum and maximum temperatures, rainfall, wind direction and cloud information.

The results are then sent to GWN 7, to feature on the TV network’s nightly Weather Wall segment.

Geraldton Christian College meteorology weather education
Geraldton Christian College features on the GWN7 Weather Wall segment.

Geraldton Christian College Midwest Times back to school
Isaac and Ariel Nothdurft, and Mason Kerswell, in the Midwest Times.

Media watch:
Back to school

Some of of our College families featured in Wednesday’s Midwest Times and Tuesday’s The Geraldton Guardian, after a reporter paid a visit on Monday for back to school coverage.

You can still get hard copies of both papers from Seven West Media’s Chapman Road office or, if you prefer digital, they offer paid digital subscriptions.

Alternatively, if you become a member of the State Library of Western Australia, you can get free digital access to Pressreader, which includes access to newspapers and magazines across the world, including our Geraldton papers and The West Australian. To become a State Library member, visit the website https://www.slwa.wa.gov.au/our-services/membership

Geraldton Christian College The Geraldton Guardian
Gemma Baker and Jesse Williamson in The Geraldton Guardian

New staff for 2021

We are delighted to introduce the following new members of staff to the College. We wish them all well as they settle into College life and are sure they will be a great blessing to our students and their families:

  • Mrs Aneke Smit, Secondary Teacher English
  • Ms Sarah Jupp, Secondary Teacher English
  • Mr Vasilios Manavas, Secondary Teacher English, Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), Biblical Life & Worldview
  • Mr Derek Goforth, Secondary Teacher Maths, Food Tech
  • Mr Evan Burns, Secondary Teacher MDT
  • Mrs Hayley Fabian, Secondary Teacher Food Tech, Biblical Life & Worldview
  • Mrs Ann Westerink, Primary Teacher Pre-Primary
  • Mrs Annette Kuhlmann, Primary Teacher Years 4, 5/6 and Pre-Primary
  • Mr Jan Volschenk, Primary Teacher Year 5
  • Mrs Zoli Volschenk, Student Support Counsellor
  • Mrs Louanne Hardy, Student Support Counsellor
  • Mrs Monique de Beer, Library Officer

Improving carpark safety

In order to provide a safe environment for children and adults in our care, we ask motorists to please observe the following road safety protocols on Cedar Crescent (the College’s main entrance):

Administration/visitor carpark

No parking in the Administration carpark before or after school, to minimise risks posed by increased bus and pedestrian traffic.

General carpark on Cedar Crescent

Kiss and Drop: The carpark entrance closest to College buildings is for Kiss and Drop access only. Parking time is strictly limited to two minutes. For longer waiting periods, please park in one of the two marked reverse parking zones, beyond the Kiss and Drop area. On entering the Kiss and Drop area, please proceed to a drop-off point as far along the zone as possible, to make room for other parents.

Entry and exit points for Kiss and Drop zone, Cedar Crescent.

Reverse parking zone: To give pedestrians unobstructed access to the pedestrian paths, please ensure vehicles are reverse parked, with the rear wheel about one metre from the kerb. This ensures there is little or no overhang of tow bars or vehicle on the pedestrian path.

Please enter and exit the carpark via the route as marked on the map below, while keeping alert for other vehicles. Please note: entry closest to the College is for Kiss and Drop only.

Entry and exit points for reverse parking zone, Cedar Crescent general carpark

New email addresses for staff

The Family Handbook was emailed to families last week by Gavin Box. This is a handy reference tool for information about the College and also provides contact information for staff members.

Email addresses have changed this year with a new format – firstname.lastname@gcc.wa.edu.au. Please refer to the emailed copy of the Staff Handbook, or a copy is also saved in the Sentral Parent Portal for your reference.

If you would like a paper copy of the Family Handbook, these can be requested by emailing admin@gcc.wa.edu.au.

Sentral parent app

We have asked that Sentral change the name of our College in their App, following rebranding to Geraldton Christian College. At the moment you will need to still search for “Strathalbyn Christian College” if you are setting up the “Sentral for Parents” App. We hope that the name change will take effect soon.

Uniform Shop hours

The Uniform Shop is open in the afternoons onlyfrom 3.00pm to 3.20pm. Student Services is very busy in the mornings, and staff are unable to assist with uniform at this time. 

You are welcome to send an email to uniform@gcc.wa.edu.au with order requests, then collect/pay in the afternoons (please allow at least 24 hours for orders to be processed).

Prayer for the College

Parents/guardians are most welcome to come and join in a prayer time for the College community.  The day has changed this year to Mondays, from 8.45am to 9.15am at the Primary Lunch tables.

Facebook Groups

A reminder to parents/guardians that we have started a new GCC Community Noticeboard Facebook Group to replace the old SCC Group.  This is a great way for us to share news and reminders.

There is also a GCC Sport Group, which focuses on sporting things.

Please make sure you answer the questions when you ask to join these closed groups, which are only for families with students enrolled at the College. 


What’s coming up?

Please always check the College Calendar on the website for the most up to date information on events.

Tues 9 Feb, 8.40am-3.00pm, Yr 11/12 ATAR Visual Art Writing Workshop at Nagle Catholic College. EVENT POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19. New date TBA.

Tues 9 Feb, 3.20-8.00pm, Primary Meet the Teacher Meetings – By appointment (booked through Sentral Parent Portal)

Wed 10 Feb, 3.20-8.00pm, Primary Meet the Teacher Meetings – By appointment (booked through Sentral Parent Portal)

Primary Swimming Lessons (Years 1-6), 22/2, 23/2, 25/2, 26/2 and 2-5/3

WELCOME FEAST – Thursday 11 March. Invitations will be sent out next week.

Community Notices

Looking for house to rent

One of our new teachers is looking for a house to rent. Ideally 3 or 4 bedroom house. If you know of anyone with a private rental available, or a break lease – please get in touch with Fiona Davidson, fiona.davidson@gcc.wa.edu.au.

Prevent Support Heal

The Western Australian Association for Mental Health and the Prevent Support Heal campaign are coming to Geraldton and offering some free training courses and holding a forum around mental health and what needs to advocated at this pre-election time regarding mental health reform. Please check out the link and consider attending one of the events they are holding. http://preventsupportheal.org.au/geraldton/