Cross Country Results

Posted by Fiona Davidson

Primary Cross Country

On Tuesday the 23rd of June we ran the Primary Cross Country Carnival at the College.

In PE classes leading up to the Carnival, we had been working hard on our fitness and improving our running technique. Our emphasis has been on improving our personal best time. I am happy to report that nearly every student was able to achieve a personal best time at the Carnival – well done everyone!

I would like to thank our secondary helpers who assisted in running the Carnival. One of the lovely aspects of having a K-12 school is when you see the older students support and encourage the “littler” ones. So thank you to my Year 8 PE class and to my Year 9 group who gave up their PE time to assist me.

It was a beautiful day for running and it was great to see parents come along and cheer for their kids too.

~ Mrs Kristen Fenby, PE Coordinator

RESULTS (Champion, Runner Up & Third Place)

Year 1

Abi R, Olive T & Shahiyah H                          

Jett R, Bradley de B, Moses P

Year 2

Gypsy-Lynn W-S, Georgia S, Jaymea-Lee R                           

Iziayah H, (details withheld for privacy), Archie F

Year 3

Laura H, Addison P, Sylvie C

Lawson H, Brax R, Henry F

Year 4

Leah-May L, Matilda R, Harriet J-W

Reuben G, Zander M, Isaac H

Year 5

Cassie R, Ruby F, Addison O

Levi F, Archie R, Kian S

Year 6

Isabelle B, Bridie F, Heidi K

Ray K, Nathan K, Lysander F


Gideon (483) Joshua (424) Daniel (397)

Secondary Cross Country, Term 2

Well done to all the students who participated in the Interhouse Secondary Cross Country Carnival on Friday 26 June. It was evident that a Carnival atmosphere was highly missed during the COVID restrictions with students relishing the opportunity to encourage and support each other.

It was a close win by Gideon with only 4 points over Daniel and we look forward to the upcoming Athletics Carnival to experience the same ‘can do’ attitudes.

~ Mr Andre Steenekamp, Secondary Sports Coordinator

RESULTS (Champion, Runner Up & Third Place)

Year 7

Nicola S, Bonifah B, Ruby E-S

Macklin H, Denbi H, Levi L

Year 8

Frauke R, Portia J-W, Serena K

Seth B, Ashton P, Nigel H

Year 9

Saijsh M, Paige C, Nesaea F

Braydon K, Kristian S, Lochlan T

Year 10

Tiane V J, Isabelle F, Elise M

Isaac H, Oliver E, Water K

Open (Year 11/12)

Stacia B, Aimee M, Shannon J

Levi M, Matthew H, Ryan B

Photos from the Cross Country Carnivals were published in Strath Sport, the College’s closed Facebook Group for parents/guardians (email the College for details if you would like to join).