Our College is blessed to be able to offer support to all our students.
We have a Student Support Counsellor who can support students and families working through personal difficulties and also source extra support and resources in the community.  The Student Support Counsellor also works closely with other staff to promote student well-being and good mental health.

The College also has a Primary Student Support staff member who works with the counsellor to assist Primary students with some of the social and behavioural issues that may arise.  The College also promotes positive friendship and relationship skills through the BUZ program.

The school is blessed to receive support from the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program for a part time Chaplain who provides a listening ear and encourages students to think more deeply about the world around them and develop their personal faith.

Parents can make an appointment to see a member of the Student Support team by telephoning the College Office on 9938 9100.

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