A child’s individual ability is a unique gift from God which needs encouragement and nurturing. We have an environment at our College where students can come to understand who they are in Christ and that through Him they can achieve their full potential.

We seek to equip our students with the truth to Engage with their culture, Critique accurately the good and bad aspects and to vision their part in Transforming culture.

Geraldton Christian College started from humble beginnings 38 years ago. My journey here began 15 years ago as a teacher, and I now have the privileged task of ensuring that the original vision remains clear.

Our College exists for Geraldton Christian families, who believe it is important that their children are taught the same faith principles at school as at home. Geraldton Christian College is the only school in the Geraldton area which delivers education, character development and skills from within a biblical life and worldview framework.

Unlike any other school in the Mid West, Geraldton Christian College teaches each subject’s curriculum from a Biblical worldview and is able to genuinely foster Christian character development.

For this reason, I believe it is the best school in Geraldton for my family. I could espouse comparison with other schools and provide the data to suggest that we rank right up there as one of the best Colleges in the State. But what sets this educational institution apart from all others is our staff. Not because we turn out the most doctors or lawyers, or gain headlines for the highest university entrance scores; mind you – that does happen. It is actually something much more important and fundamental than that. The staff at Geraldton Christian College take seriously the challenge of partnering with parents in the task of educating the whole child, whatever their innate abilities and talents might be.

Above all, Geraldton Christian College is a real community which is inclusive and affirming, dealing seriously with the reality of relationship in a broken world.

Mr Gavin Hirschhausen,
CEO and Principal